Federal Revenue and PGFN launch public notice for taxpayers to negotiate taxes

Last Tuesday (3), the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury (PGFN) and the Federal Revenue released a tax transaction notice for negotiation between the government and taxpayers of credits, which together total R$ 150 billion.

The amount corresponds to the sum of all tax credits that are in dispute, covering two of the largest legal disputes in litigation at the Federal Revenue Service, which represent a large part (R$ 122 billion) of the total administrative litigation in progress (R$ 1.7 trillion). In this case, expenses with goodwill on equity interests are being taken into account for the calculation of the tax abatement.

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How to join the negotiation?

Anyone wishing to join the negotiation must apply via the digital process opened by the e-CAC Portal, available at Federal Revenue website until the 29th of July. In May of last year, a public notice was released with exactly the same subject, in an attempt to convince taxpayers and the Public Power to give up winning any legal dispute.

“What is being offered is what we really understand to be within the theses defended by the Federal Revenue, the National Treasury and the taxpayer. There was a need for composition”, said Julio Cesar Vieira Gomes, special secretary of the Federal Revenue Service.

Legal Taxpayer Law

The Legal Taxpayer Law, passed in 2020, regulates this tax transaction. And, according to Ricardo Soriano, Attorney General of the National Treasury, this transaction is deeper in the analysis of each case than the Tax Recovery Program (Refis).

“In the tax transaction, we assess the taxpayer’s financial situation, and we provide differentiated treatment for those who prove they need this privileged treatment, that is, those who would not be able to pay their debts economically”, explained Soriano.

From 2020 to April of this year, in its most satisfactory modality, which allows the negotiation of tax credits registered in the Union’s active debt, the Federal Revenue, the National Treasury and taxpayers negotiated at least R$ 260 billion, corresponding to one million contracts.

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