FGTS Digital is created by the government; see the benefits

The federal government launched the portal with information about the FGTS Digital. The digital version is expected to be available later this year, according to a forecast released by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The digital service aims to facilitate access to information.

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As the FGTS Digital has not yet been launched, the portal created by the Ministry intends to prepare citizens for the use of the platform that will be released in the coming months.

FGTS Digital

Through the page it is already possible to check how the FGTS Digital will work. They are integrated systems to manage all matters related to the Severance Indemnity Fund.

The portal also includes labor legislation, as well as presents some questions and answers related to the guarantee fund.

Among the highlights on the portal are matters related to fund collection. The new platform aims to reduce the time spent by companies in fulfilling ancillary obligations.

This is because the FGTS Digital platform will have an eSocial database. In this way, companies will take advantage of the greater ease of generating the guides.

Another improvement foreseen with the novelty will be the possibility of generating only one guide to collect debts of several months. With the single base, the system should simplify the day-to-day of employers, reducing time in bureaucratic processes.

And workers also tend to gain from the novelty. The promise is of greater transparency for the inspection of employment contracts, as well as the collection of the FGTS.

Below are some benefits of the FGTS Digital, according to the federal government:

  • Issuance of quick and/or personalized guides;
  • Consultation of statements of payments made;
  • Individualization of payment statements;
  • Checking outstanding debts;
  • Payment of the indemnity fine from the remuneration due for the entire period worked.

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