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Pix, with almost two years of operation in Brazil, has become the darling of the population for its practicality and agility.

However, in November 2021, the Pix Saque and Pix Troco features were launched by the Central Bank, but, unlike other transactions made via Pix, these features still have low adherence by Brazilians.

How to know where features are available?

According to the balance sheet released by the Central Bank, today, there are around 15,000 points of service that offer these modalities, including ATMs, commercial establishments and banking correspondents.

The institutions themselves provide the list of service stations in the Open Data format. A map is also available to the user for free, which is updated every two hours, so that he can find where the modalities are available, developed in partnership by the Brazilian Association of Fintechs (ABFintechs) and Pay Ventures.

To access the map, just access the website your location and the establishments nearby that have Pix Saque and Pix Troco will be informed.

What is the difference between Pix Loot and Pix Exchange?

The functionalities are very similar and allow the user to obtain cash without having to go to an ATM.

The two features of Pix are different, because in the withdrawal mode, the consumer who makes a common payment to the establishment, receives the amount in cash. In the change mode, the consumer, when making a purchase at the establishment, makes a Pix with an extra value to obtain the difference in cash.

Pix Withdrawal and Pix Exchange Limits

The individual user has eight free operations monthly, including traditional withdrawals.

The limit for daytime withdrawals is R$500.00 and for nighttime withdrawals is R$100.00, but, if necessary, the establishment can determine lower amounts.

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