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Are you looking for opportunities in fixed income? Because the rates are increasing with the rise of the Selic in recent months. But the truth is that there are even more advantageous options than the savings, government bonds or DI funds. I’m talking about yields close to 15% a year or 8.5% + IPCA.

Have you seen fixed income offers boosted at your bank or are you still thinking it’s good to invest in savings or in some CDB that pays only 100% of the CDI or even less?

Do you invest in a fixed income security with a return greater than these:

  • A Beach Park CRI that pays IPCA + 8.5% per year;
  • A Master Bank CDB that yields 14.54% per yearand has 0.5% cashback which can increase the return to 14.76% per year.

These are examples of fixed income securities offered in the last 15 days by the Vitreo broker. Unfortunately, the first one is no longer available.

At the time of writing this text, you can still invest in the turbocharged CBD. But before anything else, I want to explain to you how this market works.

Interest rates on fixed income securities change every day and many of them have uptake limit. So the good titles sell out fast on brokerage shelves. And most people don’t even know they could invest (register here for free to be notified of the best fixed income opportunities first hand).

The truth is, the best fixed income bonds are “lightning offers”. And many banks “choose” which customers will receive these offers.

You Big banks usually warn wealthy customers first of the best deals available. They are private, premium, personnalite or any nomenclature that includes the richest.

The individual investor usually keeps the surplus. They are worse bonds, which yield less for the investor. If you are a bank customer, just open your app and you will probably find a CDB offer that yields 100% of the CDI or less.

It is this reality that Vitreo wants to change in Brazil. At Vitreo, At the same time, clients are informed of the best fixed income opportunities as soon as the security arrives on the shelf and the investment takes place for arrival order.

This means that anyone will have the chance to invest in the best fixed income opportunities. Just register your email or whatsapp in this free list.

Fixed income is not all the same

Whatever the Selic rate or inflation, the choice of fixed income security makes a huge difference in your pocket.

Better than Selic or savings

Want an example? See how much this one makes Fixed-rate CDB with a return of 14.54% per year (in addition to cashback).

CDB/LC PRE estimate table
CDB/LC PRE estimate table
  • In two years, an investment of R$ 10 thousand in this CDB would yield BRL 12,597.56 net of tax (not counting cashback).
  • In savings, the same amount would yield BRL 11,272.07 in two years.
  • That is, in this bond, the yield is more than double of savings.

This return is prefixed and with FGC guarantee (Credit Guarantee Fund) for contributions of up to R$ 250 thousand per CPF. It is the ideal investment for those looking for a higher return, with low risk. After all, payment at the contracted rate occurs in any economic scenario:

  • With or without Ukraine war;
  • With Squid, Bolsonaro or anyone else winning the elections this year;
  • How dollar on any quotation;
  • How Ibovespa rising or falling.

It is a safe investment, because even in the most pessimistic scenario possible, in which the bank fails, the investor is reimbursed by the FGC. On the few occasions when this happened in Brazil, on 100% of the occasions, the FGC honored the debt of the failed bank.

This title is still available, while supplies last. In this link, you will know how to invest in this security or be notified first hand of upcoming fixed income offers.


How to beat inflation

Let’s go to another example of a turbocharged fixed income. This time, with a return linked to the IPCA. This type of investment is ideal for those seeking returns above inflation.

who invested in Beach Park CRI You will receive a yield of 8.5% a year above inflation over 8 years.

Official inflation, measured by the IPCA, reached 11.3% in the accumulated in 12 months until March, the highest value since October 2003.

  • If inflation remains at the current level over the medium term, the above bond pays an annual return of 19.8%against a yield of 6.17% to the savings year.

No one can pinpoint the direction of inflation in Brazil. In the current IPCA scenario, it is possible to achieve an annual return of up to 3.2 times that of savings with a boosted fixed income security. Yes, it’s more than triple.

Now it’s clear what a difference a good fixed income bond can make in your pocket. It’s up to you get smart to enjoy the best opportunities.

It costs nothing to register to receive, without paying anything or making any kind of commitment, the sfixed income investment tips. Once you know what’s on the market, you’ll be able to decide which investment options make the most sense for your wealth.


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