Fortnite joins Xbox Cloud Gaming, it’s the service’s first free game

Xbox Cloud Gaming began its next stage of evolution today with the addition of its first free-to-play game, Fortnite. Unlike all other games on the service, players no need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play. It’s the first time this has happened!

To play, all you have to do is log into the Xbox website, navigate to the game’s store page, and select “Play for Free” on any type of device – iOS, iPadOS, Android phones and tablets or Windows computer.

“In partnership with Epic, Fortnite is available via Xbox Cloud Gaming so fans can play on an iOS device, Android phone or tablet, or Windows PC through the web browser. This is just the beginning for us – we will learn, implement feedback and, over time, try to bring even more more free-to-play titles for players via the cloud.”

Even better, Fortnite is also enabled with bespoke touch controls, so you don’t even need a physical controller! You can play on your mobile just by touching the screen like the popular Free Fire.

Below, check out the trailer:

As mentioned, this is just the first of many free-to-play games we expect to come to Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future, and Microsoft is touting the service’s success so far on the official Xbox website.

Some Xbox Cloud Gaming stats:

  • 10 million people have streamed games through Xbox Cloud Gaming since 2020.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming has been used on over 6,000 types of devices in 26 countries.
  • Game Pass players using the cloud discover/play nearly twice as many games as regular users.

Remember, the service works perfectly in Brazil, so enjoy it completely for free! You don’t even need Xbox Game Pass!


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