“He was f…”; Wesley does not shut up and Abel Ferreira is quoted by Palmeiras striker in a remarkable episode

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Striker has been trying to regain his space and prestige with the Portuguese commander

- Wesley, forward for Verdão
© (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras/Official Flickr)– Wesley, forward for Verdão

Abel Ferreira has a very high morale in Palmeiras. for everything built and won, the commander is seen as a great idol for the Palmeiras fans and became the “guy” behind the scenes of the São Paulo club. The Portuguese has enough credibility to bar any signing or ask for players that he understands to be necessary.

Whoever plays with him will always have to take responsibility. Previously prestigious and almost titular, Wesley lost a lot of morals lately. The offside goal in the last game left Abel very angry with the athlete and believes that it happened due to lack of concentration. On the other hand, the relationship between the two is considered good and Wesley demonstrated this in an interview with UOL Esporte released this Friday (5), but which was made last week. The striker revealed that the Portuguese was very important at the time of his injury in 2020.

At this time of recovery [ainda em 2020]how can I say, he was f…, he was so present, almost every day, there, talking to me, [perguntando] how was I, giving strength“, stated.

Wesley said that, with the arrival of Abel, a part of Europe arrived at Palmeiras, with new methods and philosophies: “We understood the ideas quickly and sought knowledge. It was a new thing for us, a young coach coming from Europe. The dream of any player is to play in Europe, and we have a part of Europe here at Palmeiras with Palmeiras, Abel provided that for us.”, explained.

The player also talked about the World Cup against Chelsea: “My perception is that we are not very far [da qualidade do Chelsea]. I believe that the differential that we didn’t have for this game was the high level of competitiveness throughout the year. In the Premier League, the bar is always high. Here, we have few high-level games, like against Flamengo Atlético-MG”, he said.

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