Health issues alert to reinforce care with scorpion attacks


This year, at least two children were killed in MS, after attacks by these venomous animals

By Guilherme Correia | 06/05/2022 11:09

Scorpion found at home in the Capital.  (Photo: Simão Nogueira)
Scorpion found at home in the Capital. (Photo: Simão Nogueira)

Sesau (Municipal Health Department) of Campo Grande issued a statement to health professionals linked to the municipality to warn about accidents with scorpions, reinforce the notification of cases and prevent health problems.

The publication by Cievs (Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance) points out that venomous animals can hide in closets, shoes or under clothing left on the floor and feed on insects, such as crickets or cockroaches.

According to the folder, until March, there were 454 cases reported in the capital, more than half the number of all last year (900). In the state, so far, two children have been victims of scorpion attacks – they were seven and three years old and were from Cassilândia and Paranaíba.

If you are bitten, the recommendation is to clean the place with soap and water and make a warm compress on the spot, in addition to seeking care at a health unit closest to your home.

The individual should not puncture, cut, burn or squeeze the bite site, nor apply suction. Any substance should not be placed on the wound, nor dressings, ice or cold water.

Among the prevention recommendations are:

  • Maintain measures to combat the vector and develop educational activities and community participation;
  • Install physical barriers for these animals, such as: sealing places with gaps, crevices and drains using protective screens;
  • keep backyards clean; do not throw garbage and other construction materials on land;
  • If the population finds any of these animals at home, it is recommended to collect them, placing them in a closed container, but avoid contact, and take them to the CCZ (Zoonosis Control Center);
  • Residents can also request a home inspection, either at the CCZ reception desk, or via phone at 3313-5026 (business hours) or 3313-5000.
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