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On Wednesday, 26/04, the Senate approved PL 423 of 2022, authored by Senator Álvaro Dias, with favorable rapporteurship by Senator Oriovisto Guimarães, which recognizes the extermination of Ukrainians by hunger and establishes the fourth Saturday of November as “Holodomor Remembrance Day”. It is, objectively, the official recognition by Brazil, that between 1932 and 1933, deliberately, the communists, under Stalin, starved (Holodomor means death by hunger), millions of Ukrainians. The image above is of the Holodomor memorial in Kiev, Ukraine. The skinny girl, with a very sad look, with a small sheaf of wheat in her hands is dramatic.

Genocide is, as everyone knows, the deliberate extermination of an ethnic, racial or religious group. It’s in the manuals, although the stupidity of some tries to vulgarize it as if it were a common fact. Historically, every genocide corresponds to a negationism. If there are still idiots to deny the Holocaust, there are those who deny the Holodomor – the left usually hides its dead. It is therefore necessary, in both cases, to record the events that occurred and their importance for humanity in history.

As Senator Álvaro Dias said in the justification of his project, “…death by hunger was imposed on millions of Ukrainians, through forced collectivization and confiscation of local production, personifying indisputable genocide perpetrated by the Stalinist regime against the Ukrainian people”. Many other nations have already recognized it. It is a historical fact unfortunately thrown under the long communist carpet for almost a century.

Yes, the Senator’s project is important in itself, but not only. It serves to remove the mask indecently used by the left, which sells itself to the unwary as the bearer of a humanities bag with its gogó egalitarianism that always results in misery, authoritarianism and murder. The Holodomor must be as well known and despised as the Holocaust, and the ideology that promoted it must be pointed out. Nazis and communists have many similarities, among them, historically recorded in millions of deaths, the genocides they practiced.

On the web there are many videos and testimonials about Holodomor. I highlight and recommend, on NETFLIX, “Stalin’s Shadow”, a Polish film directed by Agnieszka Holland, featuring Vanessa Kirby (Oscar nominee) and actor James Norton (exceptional) in the role of journalist Garret Jones. Another must-see movie is “Bitter Harvest” (2016), by George Mendeluk, with Max Irons and Samantha Barks. If you prefer a book, there is a definitive “A fome Vermelha” by Anne Applebaum, published by Editora Record. In a short and very good article (on here) Thomas Woods analyzes the Holodomor.

It is demonstrated even to the most stupid socialist radical that the imposition of collectivism-equality in a given society can ONLY be done through force, authoritarianism, prisons, persecutions and death. In the end, failure. There is no hypothesis of a combination of socialism and freedom.

The memory of the Holodomor under the terms of the PL approved in the Senate (it still goes to the Chamber of Deputies) is opportune because it will give the socialists a chance to confront it, deny it, excuse it, or, if they have a shred of decency, to assume it like a historic kill tucked away in its fetid closets. Let us remember that there are more than 600,000 descendants of Ukrainians in Brazil. Communists around the world owe the Ukrainian people a genuflected request for forgiveness.

If the reader thinks that the suffering of the Ukrainian people has now been inaugurated under the clutches of Vladimir Putin, it is because the left, inserted in universities and in the press, has managed to seal for a long time one of the most horrendous crimes ever committed in the history of humanity. , including until today producing papers and more papers (I read some) attributing the Ukrainian tragedy to unprecedented and coincident climatic events and/or mere tactical error of the Soviet dictator. The veil, however, was lifted. Not coincidentally, in 2015, Ukrainian lawmakers equated Nazism and Communism. It is necessary to know the Holodomor and extract from it, as from the Holocaust, the lesson of Never Again.

Valterlucio Bessa Campelo writes on Fridays on the website ac24horas and, eventually, on his BLOG, on the Liberals e Conservadores website of Puggina, on the digital magazine NAVEGOS and others.

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