Ibovespa operates in decline; BRF, Magalu and Inter plummet this morning By

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By Ana Beatriz Bartolo – The O retreats 1.47%, to 106,749 points at 10:31 am, with BRF, Magazine Luiza (SA:) and Banco Inter (SA:) leading the declines this morning. At the other end, Gerdau (SA:), Klabin (SA:) and Suzano are the positive highlights of the index.

Check out the main corporate news of the day.

BRF (SA:) – BRF recorded R$1.546 billion in 1Q22, reversing a profit of R$22 million reported in 1Q21. . The adjusted Ebitda margin was 1%, against 11.6% on the same comparative basis. Assets plummeted 12.59% to R$11.94.

Ambev (SA:) – Ambev recorded an adjusted amount of R$3.551 billion in 1Q22, . Adjusted Ebitda totaled R$ 5.522 billion, an increase of 10.2%. Shares fell 2.72%, to R$ 13.95.

XP (SA:) – After the release of its , XP shares closed the day down 7.5% on the American stock market. . In one year, XP’s decline on the New York trading floor exceeds 40%. BDRs fell 1.82% to R$105.64.

Hi (SA:) – Oi presented consolidated attributable to controlling shareholders of R$ 1.669 billion in 4Q21, a decrease of 192.9% compared to 4Q20. In 2021, the company reported a net loss of BRL 8.381 billion, a decrease of 20.04% over the year ended 2020. Routine Ebitda totaled BRL 1.612 billion in the last three months of 2021, amounting to 8 .1% higher than in the same period of the previous year. The shares advanced 1.32%, at R$ 0.77.

Totvs (SA:) – Totvs reported R$84.9 million in 1Q22, up 5.4% from 1Q21. The software company’s Ebitda, in turn, reached R$ 1951.1 million, 3.8% higher on the same comparative basis. Assets plummeted 4.76% to R$30.65.

CSN Mineração (SA:) – CSN (SA:) Mineração reported R$ 739.1 million in 1Q22, which represents a decrease of 68% compared to 1Q21. Adjusted Ebitda reached R$ 2.415 billion, down 34%. Shares fell 1.53% to R$5.16.

CSN (SA:) – CSN recorded R$ 1.364 billion in 1Q22, a decrease of 76% compared to 1Q21. Ebitda reached R$ 4.718 billion, down 19% in one year. The margin was 4.29%, at R$20.55.

EDP ​​Brasil (SA:) – EDP ​​Brasil recorded R$ 522.8 million in 1Q22, an increase of 5.4% compared to 1Q21. . Assets fell 0.78% to R$21.50.

Petrorio (SA:) – PetroRio recorded a loss of US$ 228.7 million (ex-IFRS 16) in 1Q22, leaving behind a loss of US$ 7.2 million in 1Q21. Ebitda was US$ 225.3 million, an increase of 202%. Net revenue increased 158% and reached US$ 309.6 million. Shares rose 0.51% to R$27.47.

GPA (SA:) – The consolidated balance for GPA’s controlling shareholders was R$ 1.4 billion in 1Q22, an annual increase of 1,250%. GPA’s adjusted Ebitda was R$655 million, down 12.2% from a year earlier. The shares fell 0.19%, to R$ 98.81.

Suzano (SA:) – from 2021 to one of R$10.306 billion in 1Q22. Adjusted Ebitda reached R$ 5.121 billion, which represents an increase of 5%.

Suzano’s Board of Directors also approved a new share buyback program that is expected to last for the next 18 months. In all, 20 million common shares will be repurchased, without capital reduction, to be held in treasury and subsequently sold and/or cancelled. This amount represents about 2.8% of the company’s outstanding shares. Assets gain 1.36% at R$52.06.

Petrobras (SA:) – Third to take charge of Petrobras in the current government, engineer José Mauro Coelho defends the state-owned company’s pricing policy and denies any pressure from Jair Bolsonaro to change this route. “The president didn’t ask me for anything specific. He just asked me to run the company,” he said. “I think the president has already understood the issue of market price very well,” he told Estadão. Shares rose 0.37% to R$32.19.

3R Petroleum (SA:) – Former Petrobras president Roberto Castello Branco was elected chairman of the Board of Directors of 3R Petroleum. The papers gain 0.86%, at R$ 45.99.

Port (SA:) – Porto (formerly Porto Seguro) will allow all employees to become partners of the company, through a new compensation program through shares. According to the company, Porto em Ação will be part of the company’s profit sharing (PLR). Assets fell 1.18% to R$20.18.

Modal Bank (SA:) – . According to the statement released by the companies, the deal helps to accelerate the disruption and growth of the Brazilian market. Banco Modal shares fell 2.28%, to R$ 8.15.

goal – Demand for Gol (SA:) flights, while supply rose 227.8%. Gol’s total load factor last month was 78.2%, down from 82.8% in the same period last year. Assets fell 2.70% to R$14.43.

Gerdau – Gerdau announced a BRL 2.94 billion in the first quarter of 2022, 19% higher than a year earlier. The shares rose 1.06%, to R$ 27.70.

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