Inter draws with Guaireña in Paraguay and follows in second in Group E of the Sudamericana

In a performance of ups and downs in Paraguay, the Inter drew 1-1 with Guaireña on Thursday night, for the Copa Sudamericana, in Asunción, at the Defensores Del Chaco stadium. The result keeps the Paraguayans in the lead of Group E, tied on points with Colorado, both have 6, but with an advantage in the number of goals scored.

Even if the victory forwarded the classification, the draw is not a bad result. In the next two rounds, the Mano Menezes team has Independiente Medellín and 9 de Outubro in the Beira-Rio stadium to guarantee their advance to the round of 16. Colorado returns to the field on Sunday, at 7 pm, against Juventude, at Alfredo Jaconi, for the Brasileirão.

Despite the wide control of ball possession, Mano Menezes’ team was at a disadvantage for the break. The striker Otazú opened the scoring in a controversial penalty signaled by the Chilean referee Cristian Garay at 32. In the second stage, the changes of the Colorado coach – Dourado and David entered; Gabriel and Mauricio left – they improved the team. At 6, midfielder Wanderson, who again did well, tied the game. A minute after the goal, defender Jimenez was sent off for fouling David. With one more for 40 minutes, Inter pressed, created chances, but sinned in the finalizations and stopped in the goalkeeper Escobar.

Controversial penalty handicap

Coach Mano Menezes sent Inter with his base lineup since he arrived at the color bunker for the decisive match. Faced with an unimpressive opponent, the team from Rio Grande do Sul found a non-hostile environment, despite the traditional Defensores Del Chaco stadium, few Paraguayans went to the stands to support the young club born in 2016. Owner of the shares, Colorado took possession, but lived a few moments of creativity in the first 45 minutes.

At 2 minutes, midfielder Edenilson missed a dangerous area that goalkeeper Escobar held without problems. The “Uh” of the Colorados present at the stadium came in a submission from midfielder Carlos De Pena. From a distance, he dropped a bomb that went into the nets outside. The referee, who ended up being the protagonist in the initial stage, began to appear before the tenth minute. Midfielder Aguillar finishes and the ball hits the defense. Guaireña vehemently asked for a penalty, but the referee scored nothing.

In the most “lucid” move of Inter’s exchange of offensive passes, winger Wanderson took off a good pass for the German striker, who dropped the bomb on top of the defense. The Paraguayan strategy was to give the ball to Inter and wait for opportunities to counterattack. Mano’s men had more than 70% control. In their rare lunges, the owners of the house took danger. In the 23rd minute, striker Otazú took a right corner and midfielder Sallinas deflected his head close to the post, scaring the archer Daniel.

The score went from 0 to 0 at 32 minutes. In error by Edenilson in the middle, Guaireña took possession and fired into the attack. Sallinas launched the center forward Villalba who entered the area sharing in the melee with defender Bruno Méndez. The referee signaled the penalty for Colorado protests. The bid is highly debatable. In the images released by Conmebol, the attacker is the one who seems to take down the red defender. In the charge, Otazú hit with category and moved Daniel without problems to open the score. Behind on the scoreboard, Inter could not react quickly and took the disadvantage to the locker room.

Insufficient improvement to turn

Mano Menezes promoted the entries of striker David and midfielder Rodrigo Dourado in the vacancies of Mauricio and Gabriel. The change of attack already showed effect after two minutes. David received from Edenilson in the middle, turned well and finished low from the edge of the area. Goalkeeper Escobar held.

The changes in pieces and posture quickly made the game smile for Inter. Taking advantage of the wrong start, Dourado recovered the ball and found De Pena. The midfielder activated the lateral Renê, who crossed low and Wanderson hit a plate with no chances for goalkeeper Escobar in the 6th minute. The next bid was also positive. In another Paraguayan failure, the ball came to David at speed. Jimenez took down the striker and was sent off.

If in the 11 against 11 Inter already controlled the match, with the numerical advantage the scenario was not reversed. Attempts focused on lifting. At 18, De Pena took the measure and Alemão deflected unmarked to the bottom line. For a few moments, inattention reigned in the Colorado defense, which gave space for counterattacks. At 20min, midfielder Sallinas dribbled Renê well and already inside the area he hit a beautiful defense by Daniel. The answer arrived at 24 minutes. With freedom, Edenilson found a beautiful pass for David, who freed in the area and finished on top of Escobar.

In the 30th minute, Caio Vidal replaced a tired Wanderson, who had another good appearance since his arrival. The tiredness of having a man less made Guaireña give up the attack and Inter’s pressure grew even more. At 35, Dourado almost scored. The ball left for the midfielder inside the area, who dribbled the opposing defender and finished from the side on his feet for a beautiful defense by Escobar. The goalkeeper, especially in the lifts, became the highlight for aerial safety. At 40 minutes, Mano Menezes put young Estevão in place of De Pena to increase the team’s breath for the final pressure. Despite this, Colorado could not effectively scare and returned with a point to Porto Alegre.

Copa Sudamericana – 4th round

Guaireña 1

Escobar; Giménez, Paniagua, Nelson Ruíz (Barrios) and Jiménez; Santacruz (Toledo), Aguillar, Salinas, Ayala (Alex Cáceres) and Otazú; Villagra (Carlos Duarte). Coach: Troadio Duarte.

Inter 1

Daniel; Bustos, Mercado, Bruno Méndez and Renê; Gabriel (Dourado), Edenilson, Wanderson (Caio Vidal), Mauricio (David) and De Pena (Estevão); German (Wesley Moraes). Coach: Mano Menezes

goals: Otazú (P) (32min/1°T) Wanderson (06min/2T°)

Yellow cards: Bruno Méndez (Inter) and Carlos Duarte (Guaireña)

Red card: Jimenez (Guaireña)

Arbitration: Cristian Garay (CHI)

Local: Defensores Del Chaco Stadium, in Asunción (PAR)

Date and time: 05/05, at 19:15

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