Itapemirim definitively loses its Air Operator Certificate

Image: Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos

Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (ITA) will definitely lose its Air Operator Certificate (COA). The grant, which gave ITA the right to explore the regular transport of passengers and cargo, had been granted by ANAC at the beginning of last year and had been suspended since the second half of December, when the airline suspended operations.

The new decision, which should be published in the Federal Official Gazette soon, removes Itapemirim definitively “from the game” and any future attempt to return will have to go through the entire certification process again, which is costly and takes time. Not to mention that there will be additional difficulties, given the huge liabilities that the company has and that it does not give any indication that it will pay off.

Recently, the company even announced that it had been sold to a businessman from the Federal District, with businesses in Brasília and in the region, but the initiative did not prosper. At the same time, lawsuits are underway, filed by customers who did not fly, employees and creditors who were not paid and consumer protection bodies, which fined for non-compliance with the relevant legislation.

After the publication of the decision, this could be the “whitewash” on the airline. To Diário do Transporte, the company said it will appeal the decision.

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