Technology, formerly Piepacker, lets you play retro games online for free | Games, formerly known as Piepacker, is a free platform that offers both retro and modern games to play in the Internet browser. The service has more than 100 classics such as Metal Slug X, The King of Fighters ’98, Earthworm Jim 2, Glover, Windjammers, in addition to its own games such as Arséne Bomber. There are also promises of newer games for 2022, such as Overcooked, Moving Out and Blazing Chrome. For now, only works in the Google Chrome browser, PC and Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones.

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You can play classic games like Metal Slug X on — Photo: Disclosure/Steam

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When playing games on, users are placed in rooms, public or private, where they can welcome friends or other players to watch and play online. The service supports up to eight people in the room with text or voice chat and moderation through Bodyguard artificial intelligence, to keep the environment safe. It is possible to use compatible joysticks on PCs and smartphones, but a virtual touch-screen control is used in all games. There is even support for a camera, but in public rooms only silhouettes and augmented reality filters are allowed. brings a large selection of classic games for users to play directly in the browser, both on PC and smartphone — Photo: Disclosure /

When the platform was known as Piepacker, it reached 500,000 users in Brazil in its testing period and today it already has two million players globally. All games are made available legally through agreements with 26 developers, such as Atari, Team17 and SNK, in addition to direct partnerships with independent studios. All emulators used are open source programs under the GPL license.

A function that will be paid for on the site, but is free in the testing phase, is “BYOG – Bring Your Own Game” (in Portuguese, “Bring Your Own Game”). In this mode, the user can open a room with their own ROM file for consoles such as PlayStation One, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Master System, Nintendinho, GameBoy or GameBoy Advance and play with their friends.

Overcooked is one of the games promised for the platform in 2022 — Photo: Disclosure / Ghost Town Games

To start playing, just go to the official website (, create an account on the service or log in with Facebook or Google. Once registered, the user only needs to choose one of the games offered by the collection and click to start playing. When creating a room, the player can determine their mood type to find users with the same goal, such as Social, Competitive, Discovery, or Hermit.

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