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Formula 1 in Miami? Have! Finally, the day arrived to take the second-hand track set up next to the Hard Rock stadium in Miami. On the afternoon of this Friday (6), for the first time, the cars accelerated on a completely new track for all 20 drivers. At the end of the opening hour of free practice, Charles put Leclerc at the head of the timesheets and led.

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Speedy street track and extravagance: what F1 finds at its Miami debut

Ferrari was the one who made the least use of soft tires throughout the day. In reality, Carlos Sainz only used the mediums for the fast laps, while Leclerc put the softs on for the last fast lap. And it made the strategy pay for itself by making the best time.

THE first accident at new headquarters was by Valtteri Bottas. The Alfa Romeo driver lost control of the car as he took turn seven shortly after the halfway mark of FP1. There was no way around it: car #77 traveled to the wall after spinning and took a considerable hit with the rear end. Inevitably, red flag.

And who ended up smiling in FP1 was Mercedes. Both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton spent virtually all of their training among the top finishers after yet another round of changes the Anglo-German team has made to the Silver Arrows since the Imola race.

In the end, Leclerc had Russell in second place and was followed by more Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz, Alexander Albon, Hamilton, Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Ricciardo. This was the top-10 of the activity.

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Pierre Gasly and the special Miami helmet (Photo: AlphaTauri)
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Check out how it went:

After almost half a decade of waiting, Formula 1 finally took over the track located next to the Hard Rock stadium, in Miami Gardens, part of the city of Miami. F1 arrived at the new square on a hot day, this Friday (6). In the middle of the afternoon, on top of that, for temperatures above 50°C on the asphalt of the track.

After almost half a decade of waiting, Formula 1 finally took over the track located next to the Hard Rock stadium, in Miami Gardens, part of the city of Miami. F1 arrived at the new square on a hot day, this Friday (6). In the middle of the afternoon, on top of that, for temperatures above 50°C on the asphalt of the track.

The movement on the track started very early and steady. Normal for a new place that so many people are racing to add up mileage and learn how the rest of the weekend is going to work. The limits of the track also appeared to be quite questioned by the pilots. In the first ten minutes, Charles Leclerc and Yuki Tsunoda spun, while Max Verstappen relied on one of the walls.

Stretches of asphalt were redone in the morning after the vehicles moved on Thursday – although no Formula 1 cars. Even with the patch, the track still seemed to crumble more than it should. Anyway, for the beginning of the activities, it didn’t bother so much.

Another incident in the first few minutes was a near collision in the pit lane, when Esteban Ocon came out and almost didn’t stamp George Russell’s car – similar to what happened with Ocon himself and Lewis Hamilton in Imola.

The championship leaders were positioned at the front. Max Verstappen, on the soft tyres, painted at the end, but was short-lived. Charles Leclerc, with the middleweights, was 0s5 better and put 1min32s949. With Carlos Sainz coming in tow, Ferrari was starting to do better than Red Bull.

Sergio Pérez in FP1 in Miami (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

Mercedes started at a good pace. Close to the 20-minute mark, Russell, on the soft tyres, was just 0s001 behind Leclerc. Hamilton was a little behind, but close to Verstappen. Haas were the only team still without a timed 1/4 of the session.

The first rider to pass off the track and into the false water was Sebastian Vettel, but without damage. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz was complaining about Mick Schumacher on the Ferrari radio after the German was too slow on the inside of Turn 14.

Missing until then, Sergio Pérez emerged in the lead with a time of 1min32s679 – also on soft tires against Ferrari’s medium ones. Good to remember that Pirelli made available the intermediate range of tires, with the C2, C3 and C4, respectively, as hard, medium and soft.

A warning appeared on the screen for Lance Stroll: black and white warning flag after crossing the white pit lane line. Then Aston Martin’s teammate was the one who received the same warning. It was actually correction: Vettel, not Stroll, was the one who crossed the white line. F1 official broadcast error.

On the Red Bull radio, Verstappen showed some frustration. With the car overheating on the hot track, the reigning champion asked: “How do you want me to learn the track?”.

With a flying lap by Sainz, still on medium tyres, FP1 reached the 50% mark with the Spaniard in front and Leclerc, Pérez, Russell, Fernando Alonso, Verstappen, Hamilton, Pierre Gasly, Valtteri Bottas in the top-10.

Valtteri Bottas spun and crashed in FP1 in Miami (Photo: F1 TV)

Tsunoda was nervous at the start of the second half hour. The Japanese man ordered AlphaTauri to leave him alone after a question of how it was possible to help him with the balance of the car. Right after the naughtiness, he fell back on the wall. Back at Red Bull, Adrian Newey was glued to Verstappen’s car to understand what could be done to improve.

Until, with 25 minutes to go, Bottas starred in the first accident of the weekend. The Alfa Romeo driver lost control at the exit of turn seven, spun and came to a stop with his rear end on the guardrail. A big hit, which caused a red flag and the tractor’s obligation to take action to get the car out. Thereafter, nine minutes with no action on the track.

There were still 15 minutes to ride on the new track. Sainz regained space, but soon had to return to the pits. The right front tire simply punctured after braking and wasted important minutes. Meanwhile, on soft tyres, Alexander Albon put Williams in second position. Verstappen was 1min31s350 and took the lead.

With seven minutes to go, Mercedes placed both cars in the top five: Russell overtook Albon for second, while Hamilton appeared in fifth place. Lewis was riding well in the last few minutes and even glimpsed the lead time, but Gasly’s traffic caused the seven-time champion to take his foot off the accelerator.

Ferrari needed to run on soft tires. When it happened, tip. Leclerc clocked 1min31s098 and took the lead. Verstappen had gone to the pits and was no longer participating. No one threatened the Monegasque, after all. Charles leadership.

F1 2022, Miami GP, United States, FP1:

1 C LECLERC Ferrari 1:31,098 25
two G RUSSELL mercedes 1:31,169 +0.071 22
3 M VERSTAPPEN red bull 1:31,277 +0.179 14
4 S PEREZ red bull 1:31,301 +0.203 21
5 P GASLY AlphaTauri Honda 1:31,498 +0,400 26
6 C SAINZ Ferrari 1:31,528 +0.430 24
7 ALBON Williams Mercedes 1:31,854 +0,756 19
8 L HAMILTON mercedes 1:31,956 +0.858 22
9 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1:32,559 +1,461 19
10 DRINCIARD McLaren Mercedes 1:32,592 +1,494 20
11 L NORRIS McLaren Mercedes 1:32,615 +1,517 25
12 F ALONSO alpine 1:32,884 +1,786 30
13 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:33,020 +1,922 22
14 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:33,024 +1,926 23
15 AND OCON alpine 1:33,417 +2,319 26
16 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:33,576 +2,478 22
17 V BOOTS Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:33,773 +2,675 13
18 Y TSUNODA AlphaTauri Honda 1:34,043 +2,945 26
19 M SCHUMACHER Haas Ferrari 1:34,945 +3,847 19
20 N LATIFI Williams Mercedes 1:35,637 +4,539 26

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