Mercado Livre will hire 4,000 people in Brazil

Mercado Livre in Brazil expects to hire approximately 4,000 professionals by the end of this year. As much as there are vacancies for various areas, the technology and logistics sector should take most of the hiring. The vacancies also aim to fill the staff of Mercado Pago.

In Brazil alone, with 4,000 vacancies being filled, Mercado Livre will end 2022 with more than 16,000 employees, an increase of 31% compared to 2021.

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Presence in Latin America

With a strong presence in Latin America, Mercado Livre will make contractions in six other countries. This will generate a general staff in the region with more than 44 thousand employees, which corresponds to an expansion of 46% compared to last year.

How to apply for a job

The vacancies available in the Free Market are listed in the site and, when accessing it, at the bottom of the page, just select “Brazil” to see the opportunities and which one your profile fits to apply.

On the website, you can find vacancies such as:

  • Transport coordinator;
  • Senior growth analyst;
  • New business development manager;
  • Full machine learning engineer;
  • Senior Business Intelligence Analyst;
  • Front end developer;
  • Senior Account Executive;
  • Crypto asset investment supervisor.

On the platform it is also possible to view vacancies destined for other Latin American countries, such as Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia.

Those hired to work in the administrative area will have a flexible work model, alternating between face-to-face and remote work.

“We work remotely, with the option of being in the office, but we also establish moments for teams to meet and co-create the best place to work,” said Patrícia Monteiro de Araújo, People Director at Mercado Livre.

Investment in Brazil

The new hires are part of a project to expand Mercado Livre in Brazil, with an investment of R$17 billion throughout 2022.

The investment will not only include the increase in the number of employees, but also the opening of distribution centers and the improvement of logistics.

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