Meredith’s Grey’s Anatomy Outburst Reflects Ellen Pompeo’s Dilemma


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The final stretch of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy has as its main story whether or not Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) leaves Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, quitting his life’s work to breathe fresh air in the city of Minnesota. In an episode shown on Thursday (5), in the United States, the character made an outburst about having won the right to choose what to do with her career, a speech that reflects the real dilemma of the actress.

Can you imagine Gray Sloan without Meredith around? Well, not even the hospital staff can accept that. Close colleagues and even family members dropped hints, saying that she wasn’t showing loyalty by quitting work at a time of crisis in the hospital, with a shortage of surgeons and residents; not to mention the teaching program going down the drain.

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In the last years, Ellen Pompeo didn’t hide the fatigue of playing the same character since 2005. She, in numerous interviews, revealed that she was fed up (using other words), claiming to want the attraction to end. Despite her displeasure, she signed a new contract, and Grey’s Anatomy was renewed for another year.

[Atenção: spoilers a seguir]
The 16th episode of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy it was properly christened Should I Stay or Should I Go, a summary of Meredith’s decision. After a long day in the hospital, the surgeon found her boyfriend Nick (Scott Speedman), who works in Minnesota and would be closer to her if she decided to leave Seattle.

Nick made a whole argument about Meredith not having to go to Minnesota. He said that “If you leave now, your people won’t be happy, you won’t be happy”. The protagonist, silent and upset, just listened.

See what Meredith said when it was her turn to talk. Doesn’t it seem like an outburst from Ellen made through the character?

“I have the right to leave. I earned the right to leave. Other people from my residency time took advantage of opportunities and left. I stayed. I worked. I searched. I won awards for that place… I did everything that was expected of me, and then some. And now, if I want to leave, will I be seen as disloyal? This is ridiculous, absurd.”

Nick listened carefully and reinforced:I’m not suggesting you stay here foreverjust long enough to save the resident education program”. Meredith returned it, annoyed.ok we can stay [em Seattle]. But for a little time. And that was the end of the episode.

The 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy is an attraction of the Sony channel, with new episodes shown on Tuesday nights at 9 pm. ⬩


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