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Jorge Jesus’ unilateral flirtation with the committed Flamengo on Thursday had major impacts, and the biggest hit was Paulo Sousa. The current red-black commander was negatively surprised by his compatriot’s onslaught in a situation he had never experienced in his career.

People from within Flamengo tried to find adjectives, such as “shocked” or “stupefied”, to specify the extent of Paulo’s disappointment with the phrases of Jorge Jesus, who, in addition to revealing his desire to return to Rubro-Negro and set a deadline for negotiation until the 20th, he criticized certain methods adopted by his colleague.

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Fred Gomes says that Jesus' phrases caused strangeness and annoyance in Flamengo

Fred Gomes says that Jesus’ phrases caused strangeness and annoyance in Flamengo

Journalist Renato Maurício Prado, a columnist for UOL, published the statements made by Jorge Jesus while they watched together the 2-2 draw between Talleres and Flamengo on Wednesday.

Jesus’ attitude, however, brought a movement of solidarity towards Paulo Sousa, including the most important of the Portuguese coaches. On the day he qualified for the final of the Conference League with Roma, José Mourinho sent a message of support to the current coach.

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Jose Mourinho’s Roma secure a spot in the first final of the Conference League (Photo: AFP)

Not only did Mourinho come into contact with the world of football. More than 30 people, including coaches, players and club officials wrote to Paulo Sousa. Portuguese, Brazilians and Argentines were some of the nationalities of the message senders.

As he was a successful midfielder in his playing days, with two consecutive Champions League titles (1996 and 1997), and until recently he was leading the Polish national team, Paulo received contacts from representatives of different generations.

Even Benfica professionals sought out Paulo Sousa and his staff to express disbelief with the phrases of Jorge Jesus, who left the Portuguese club in December.

Not only the Portuguese in action in Europe, but those who militate here also did not welcome Jesus’ words. Abel Ferreira and Vitor Pereira, mentioned by Jesus in the conversation published by UOL, were two of those who did not like it.

Paul’s disappointment is compounded because he has always made a point of treating Jesus respectfully. In his presentation as Flamengo’s coach, on January 10, he described his compatriot’s visit to Gávea as extraordinary.

In his presentation, Paulo Sousa analyzes the school of Portuguese technicians and praises Jorge Jesus

In his presentation, Paulo Sousa analyzes the school of Portuguese technicians and praises Jorge Jesus

– Undoubtedly, he did an extraordinary job. He has an extraordinary career and further enriches the quality of the Portuguese coach. Not only him, but technicians around the world who demonstrate this same ability. We will impose and give continuity to everything that is being done in this club – said Paulo at the time.

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The day off was not at all calm in Flamengo with the statements of JJ, who disappointed professionals from different areas with the timing and words chosen. There was intense work in different areas of the club, whether to manage the turmoil caused by the words or just to discuss planning for the next rounds.

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Flamengo trains this Friday with an eye on Sunday’s classic, against Botafogo, at 11 am, in Brasília, for the fifth round of the Brazilian. And Paulo Sousa continues as the main driver of the red-black actions aimed at the next commitments. He is supported by the board, which is not even considering a change in command for now.

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