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Julia Roberts and Sean Penn (Photo: Instagram reproduction)

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn at the world premiere of Gaslit (Photo: Instagram reproduction)

Impossible not to be curious about the projects of Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, who often star in critically acclaimed productions. would not be different in gaslita new production that brings together the two great actors in the cast.

The plot takes place in the context of Watergate casethe scandal of the 1970s that resulted in the resignation of the US president Richard Nixon. Roberts plays Martha Mitchell controversial figure in US history who, during the political episode, used to denounce the government. the wife of John Mitchell, the country’s attorney general, played in the series by Penn, was defamed and called crazy for making revelations. No spoilers!

Julia Roberts (Photo: Instagram reproduction)

Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell (Photo: Instagram reproduction)

The production goes beyond recording an important moment in US history. There is a care in, through Mitchell’s narrative, talking about people who suffer psychological violence and abuse for expressing themselves, especially about events that, at the time of the approach, are controversial.

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