Nubank is giving away R$50 per Pix to celebrate Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day approaching and, in celebration, a rumor is circulating that Nubank is giving R$ 50 per Pix to help with the present. Several companies run campaigns on this date to engage users and attract more customers, did the purple one also enter this year?

Unfortunately not. This is just another scam that circulates on WhatsApp and social networks. Like so many others involving the name of Nubank, scammers invent a false promotion to actually steal the victim’s data and invade devices with viruses. Check out the details!

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Nubank and the Mother’s Day scams

The Mother’s Day scam works the same way as all the others involving Nubank: criminals spread the message that, in celebration of Mother’s Day, the fintech is making a pix for anyone who answers a questionnaire sent along with the message:


Participate and receive R$50 reais via PIX right now for you to gift your mother! Enjoy it before it’s over!

Entering the link (which, for safety, is not recommended) the victim is directed to another website. In it, a quiz with very simple questions is displayed and, at the end, it is said that to receive the R$ 50 PIX, it is necessary to share the same message and link with your contacts.

This is yet another case of phishing, a scam that aims to steal sensitive information, such as bank details and passwords for profiles on social networks. Through these scams, it is also common for criminals to install viruses on the device, which leaves the device vulnerable to system intrusions.

Searching Nubank’s official website and fintech’s social networks, it is possible to discover that there is no Mother’s Day promotion, which already indicates that the message is false. Another detail is that the end of the link does not end with “”, but with “.ru”, showing that it is not an official website of the company.

The main tips for not falling for this scam and similar ones, is always to check on credible sites if the information is true. Also, never share or click on links you don’t recognize without first researching the message content.

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