On the Way to Summer – Film Scenes – Review

(Along for the Ride, USA, 2022)

  • Gender: Drama
  • Direction: Sofia Alvarez
  • Road map: Sofia Alvarez
  • Cast: Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, Kate Bosworth, Andie MacDowell, Dermot Mulroney, Laura Kariuki, Genevieve Hannelius, Samia Finnerty, Ricardo Hurtado
  • Duration: 106 minutes

Let’s see: disenfranchised teenager? Check. Beach vacation? Check. Bullying that turns into friendship? Check. Passion for the most averse of the boys in town? Check. Separated parents played by stars of yore? Check. Well, apparently on the way to summer, Netflix’s premiere today, encompasses so many clichés of the teen romantic comedy genre, that there’s no reason for the audience to sit down to watch a movie so beaten up, it doesn’t take anyone anywhere, not even the target audience. Throughout its long duration (or did it just seem interminable?), the film advances in its plot and gives continuity to what is proposed. The problem is that everything in the scene has already been seen in the base about 10 times. Per annum. Leaning on Netflix then…

Let’s get the elephant out of the middle of the room then: you DON’T need to see on the way to summer, this is the immense truth. For years (today, two pandemic seasons later, I can already use it in the plural) monitoring the premieres of streaming channels with a magnifying glass, Netflix in particular – and this exclusively because it is the only one to release an average of 10 news weekly – and we know that movies like this exist monthly. Every month we will see the bubble, that weekend, royal treatment, Love Moves Waves (Look exactly at this premiere today, in this title here!)… that will quickly die within the platforms, and will follow their destiny of absolute irrelevance to the world. And next month, we’ll have new examples of these same products arriving again, for quick consumption and even quicker forgetting.

on the way to summer
Emily V. Aragones/Netflix

Why watch a movie like this then? Well, the platforms algorithm and their audience numbers make us hostage to products like this, we have the false impression of the need to complete a huge sticker album, without missing any. I confess: when I come across new on the way to summer, I really wonder if the profession I chose was the most rewarding, in fact. It would be normal to play the ‘joyful game’ and claim that at any moment I will come across new silverton and bubble in the middle of the jam, but it’s an inglorious task to watch 30 movies to sift 5 a month. All this to say that yes, I understand you, my friends, who wonder why I’m not watching series, classics, to dedicate myself to a mapping of the void, many times. Well… someone has to do the dirty work, right?

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Two paragraphs of whining from the critic (“go work at McDonald’s then, man”… lol…), on the way to summer continues to exist, with its protagonist completely displaced from the rest of her social group, in an interpretation almost as anxious for help as the one who speaks to you. The girl calls Emma Pasarow, is trying to have a career while remembering a mix of Jennifer Garner and Michelle Rodriguez, but to notice her first work in features, the maturation is still far away. She helps us not to have any empathy with the film, because she calmly walks through her discomfort, her lack of intimacy with those prosaic feelings, with an eternally smiling and uncomfortable air, with an environment where she doesn’t seem to want to be. Contrasting with her the obvious bubbly participation of Kate Bosworth, a girl who was once Emma Pasarow and today… well, today she is Emma Pasarow’s co-star, and needs to show service.

on the way to summer
Emily V. Aragones/Netflix

Whoever reads this review, perhaps a little bitter, absolutely unfair to the feelings that this film wanted to arouse, may come to have the false impression that on the way to summer it was an enormous bomb; the worst is that he is not. Maybe it bothers me a lot more to watch copies like this, which are not catastrophic, to come across a Indecent or one betrayal and desire, yes, absolutely toxic in everything they touched. Why on the way to summer it doesn’t move the world anywhere, it doesn’t sweep you away or fall in love, it doesn’t make you lay your head on the pillow whimpering with hate. He is simply banal and sad, in his fragile will to keep the pieces of the puzzle still while the world passes by for more enriching experiences.

It makes me sad to waste time watching a movie like this, because I have the (wrong) impression that I’m in an expendable place; it gives me the urge to give up, throw in the towel and accept that a cinema so disengaged in any passion is on hand to win cookies. In the past, there were people analyzing movies like Come Dance (yes, I went looking, didn’t remember that myself; a drama “nothing” about an Antonio Banderas dance teacher) while it premiered two months later Miami Vice, by Michael Mann. That is, there will forever be thousands of on the way to summerunfortunately… and forever there will be a poor guy cutting a fold to write a critical text of a film that doesn’t care for analysis, for cinema, for me or for you, in general.

A big moment
The conciliatory dialogue between Auden and Maggie

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