Peacemaker, zakk and hally are officially banned for using coach bug | DRAFT5

THE Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) confirmed, this Friday (6), the banishment of Luis “peacemaker” Thaddeus, Imperialand Raphael “zakk“Fernandes, from 9z. With the punishment, the two coaches are temporarily suspended from competitions affiliated with ESIC and must not participate in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022scheduled to start next Monday (9).

In addition to the three, the commission also suspended 44 other coaches for using the coach bug. The case gained notoriety in 2020, when 37 technicians were suspended, but it returned to the competitive scene after evidence showed the participation of other names known by the community.

The most serious bug of all affects three trainers in the competitive landscape. In it, the trainer’s camera is free, making him able to walk freely around the map in search of information about opponents. The case is similar to the one presented in recent weeks against Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, where he is able to move freely during a game of heroicin 2018.

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According to ESIC, taking advantage of this type of game glitch is equated with using cheats like “map hack, wall hack or other swap”. For the commissioners involved in the analysis, this case appears as something much more serious than those found previously during the investigation of possible uses of the bug.

The second variant found during the analysis refers to a bug in the third-person perspective. The failure happened “due to a server software issue on two CS:GO tournament-specific platforms”. The ESIC highlighted that 47 coaches were caught making use of this type of error in Counter-Strike, but did not reveal whether the aforementioned three are included in this number.

For those who took advantage of this type of bug, the commission offers lighter penalties than the previous one. In the report, they explain that each round of using the glitch will be equated with a 30-day suspension. So, if the coach made use of the glitch for one round, he will have a 30 day suspension. If he has used it for two rounds, he will have 60 days of punishment and so on.

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