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Since yesterday afternoon (5), when were revealed the names of the actors who would play Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood in the series of Disney+, the saga Percy Jackson and the olympianshas been on the rise on social media. produced by himself Rick Riordan, the first season of the drama will feature 8 episodes and is premised be more faithful to the books than the productions launched by 20th Century Fox at the beginning of the last decade.

Of course, with so much repercussion, all these news would reach the actors who have participated in the past adaptations. This time it was the actress Alexandra Daddario, who interpreted the Annabeth of the films, who commented on the series. In a publication in twitter, she revealed to be excited to check out this new production. Check out the tweet:

Two generations of Annabeth: Alexandra Daddario and Leah Sava Jeffries (Image: Handout/Fox/Rick Riordan).

Daddario It’s not the first of the movies 20th Century Fox to comment on the adaptation. Once plans to run the series were made official, the actor Logan Lerman also revealed in a publication that are excited to watch the seriesand who hopes that this time they “have the adaptation that the books deserve”. Check out the tweet from the actor:

Now that the main cast of the series has been defined, fans are looking forward to the start of title recordingswhich is scheduled to take place on the day June 1st. Filming will take place at Mammoth Studios, in the city of Vancouver, and several new information about the series should be released until then.

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What are your expectations for Percy Jackson and the olympians”? Like this Daddario, are excited to watch the adaptation of Disney+? Share your opinions with us on social media, and for more information about the series and other original productions from streamingstay tuned here and on the official pages of About Sagas!

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