Plantar fasciitis: how to treat pain in the sole of the foot

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Man holds heel which is red, signaling plantar fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis involves shooting pains in the heel, which cause the affected individual to walk on tiptoe.

The person wakes up after a good night’s sleep, gets out of bed and, as he puts his feet on the floor, he feels a shock or a twinge in his heel, which comes from the bottom up. She then needs to walk on her fingertips while changing, going to the bathroom or preparing breakfast.

This scene, which happens at some point in life with up to 10% of the population, is a typical description of a disease known as plantar fasciitis.

It usually appears after the third or fourth decade of life and is caused by a number of factors, ranging from the use of inappropriate shoes to being overweight.

“It is a pain that greatly affects the person’s quality of life and, if left untreated, can lead to other dysfunctions in the knees, hips and even the spine”, warns orthopedist foot specialist Fernanda Catena, from the Hospital 9th of July, in São Paulo.

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