Rachel McAdams talks about her relationship with the MCU

It was six years between the films “Doctor Strange” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Rachel McAdams, Christine Palmer, loved getting back into the role, but didn’t feel the time pass. She wasn’t worried about whether or not she would be a part of the second movie. Rachel just jumped at the opportunity to work with Marvel again.

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“I can’t believe it’s been six years. I don’t feel it all. I try to go with the flow with these things, and everything happens for a reason. There are brilliant minds at work with the MCU. I loved the experience of the first movie for what it was, and it was wonderful and exciting and surprising to come back. I faced it with gratitude, and here we are,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Rachel McAdams talks about her relationship with the MCU
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In the new film, her character gained greater importance in the action – in addition to being Doctor Strange’s love interest (Benedict Cumberbatch). “She’s part of the multiverse. She is a multiverse expert. She is no longer an ER doctor, and has a very different relationship to her version of Stephen Strange.” advances the actress.

“He was pretty crooked in the end, so she comes into this movie with a lot more baggage than Christine Palmer from the previous movie.”

“Doctor Strange 2” box office should exceed production cost already in the premiere

"Doctor Strange 2": understand the movie's post-credits scenes
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The updated estimate, released by the website Variety, is that “Doctor Strange 2” earns a box office that varies between 160 and 200 million dollarsonly in the United States, making it one of the biggest debut films in history and especially a grandiose debut in times of a pandemic.

Of this value, 65 million dollars were in pre-sale tickets..

Already abroad, excluding the markets of Russia, China and Ukraine, The new Marvel movie has an estimated gross of between 125 million and 140 million dollarsraising the box office value of the first weekend of “Doctor Strange 2” to somewhere between 285 million and 300 million dollars around the world.

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