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the department store mix, closed in 1999, announced that it will return to Brazil as an e-commerce store, reigniting the wave of nostalgia that has set the tone this past year. The remake of novel Pantanalnew version of orkut and the return of drinks like Gin are examples of this movement.

In the case of Mesbla, the enterprise gains a new face leaving the physical spaces. One of the partners in the project, Marcel Jeronimo, explains that the idea is based on something old, but it will be carried out differently.

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Bino is bassist in the band Cidade Negra

“Our DNA will not be from a marketplace [local de vendas online] niche. We are going to offer as many categories as possible to serve the whole of Brazil”, he specified in an interview with the UOL.

To complete the strategy, the company took advantage of the wave to cover several subway cars in Rio de Janeiro as a kind of promotion, surfing the wave of nostalgia.

Return from Orkut

Did you think it ended here? In the case of Orkut, the return must also have a repackaged. In recent weeks, the Turkish engineer Orkut Buyukkokten, founder of the social network created in 2004, reactivated the domain of the site and promised news soon.

Meanwhile, on television, ‘Pantanal’ became success in prime time on Rede Globo. The plot, which was initially released by TV Manchete in 1990, was reprized by SBT and, now, has returned to the topic of social networks, conversation circles and work environments.

The romance between Juma and Jove has already gained many fans, while the idea of ​​transforming into ounceone of the legends of the soap opera, has also become one of the main current affairs.

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