Rger Guedes has an unpublished bench at Corinthians after commenting on Vtor Pereira’s rotation

Striker Róger Guedes stayed on the bench and was not used in a match for the first time since he was hired by Corinthians on Wednesday night, against Deportivo Cali. The milestone was established in the game following shirt 9’s comments about the rotation implemented by Vítor Pereira in the team after the 1-0 victory over Fortaleza.

Related to the match, Róger saw Gustavo Mosquito be chosen to play in the left wing, his favorite position. Although he helped in the marking, shirt 19 was more focused on the offensive part and was important, yellowing three opponents while he was on the field.

Róger was not an option even when Mosquito left, as Vítor Pereira ended up opting for Willian’s entry for the final half of the second half. After almost nine months at Corinthians, the player had the first feeling of not being taken advantage of.

All of this takes place in the game following Guedes’ comments about the team rotation. In a calm tone, he assured that he has no problem with the exchanges, but admitted that he would like to play longer.

It’s adapting to what Vítor has been doing, this rotation, we know that every athlete wants to be on the field every game, if it were up to me I would play every game during the 90 minutesbut we know that we have to accept his option”, commented Guedes in the mixed zone after the clash with Fortaleza.

Vítor Pereira, by the way, had already been the first coach to put Guedes on the bench as a technical option. In Libertadores, by the way, Guedes has not been a starter in any match so far. The rotation, which seemed to pass by shirt 9 in the past, now has one of the members in it.

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