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Looking for what to do over the weekend? THE Life&Art separated the releases from the main streaming platforms for you to marathon.

At Netflixone of the firsts is the movie “On the Way to Summer” (2022), based on the book of the same name by Sarah Dessen. Fresh out of high school, Auden West has been accepted into college and is ready to take her first steps in her academic life. But her childhood was unusual, and she didn’t learn many skills that she should already have.

The protagonist agrees to spend the summer in a seaside town, at her father’s house, who is always busy because of work. When she meets young Eli, who also suffers from insomnia, the two start adventures.

THE drama series “The Sound of Magic” (2022) was also added to the catalog. The plot starring Ji-Chank-wook, from “Lovers in the City”, and Choi Sung-eun shows the enigma of a mysterious magician. He lives in an abandoned amusement park and makes a teenager’s problems disappear, awakening her hope.

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already the Disney+ makes the film available “Home for Peculiar Children” (2016), a feature film directed by director Tim Burton. After the strange death of his grandfather (Terence Stamp), young Jake (Asa Butterfield) heads to Wales. There he intends to meet Ms. Peregrine (Eva Green) to unlock the family’s secrets. Upon arriving at the scene, he discovers that there is a time rift, where Ms. Peregrine lives and protects several children gifted with special powers, ranging from a body full of bees to super strength.

THE Amazon Prime Video will have the Brazilian film “Tarsilinha”, directed by Celia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo. The feature film is inspired by the work and trajectory of the artist Tarsila do Amaral (1886 – 1973), one of the main precursors of the first phase of Brazilian modernism.

Tarsilinha is an eight-year-old girl who embarks on a journey to recover her mother’s memory. From there, the girl needs to find the objects that were stolen from the souvenir box that belongs to her. The protagonist, then, will face many of her fears in search of memory and the attempt to return home safely. Along the way, she makes new friends and dives into “Abaporu” (in reference to the famous work by Tarsila do Amaral) to rediscover her memories.

At the HBO Max, has the release of the first season of the original series “Las Bravas”, which deals with the story of a team of soccer players. They fight against all difficulties to achieve their goals.

the women’s team Las Bravas FC will be coached by Roberto Casas, the best Mexican football player who has played in Europe. The coach’s objective will be to transform the group of amateur girls into soccer professionals.


friday the 6th

– Opposites always attract
– On the way to summer
– The Sound of Magic

Amazon Prime Video

friday the 6th

– The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith
– Tarsilinha The Wilds (season 2)
– Bosch: Legacy
– The Weight of Talent

Disney +

friday the 6th

– Eternal Amazon
– Home for Peculiar Children


friday the 6th

– The Ladder (Season 1)
– Las Bravas (Season 1)

Fine Arts à La Carte

friday the 6th

– The fallen idol
– Lighthouse of Solitude
– Francis, Herald of God
– Ukraine: the war that does not end
– The Contested: Mortal Remains


friday the 6th

– Great Freedom

Saturday, 7

– Oslo

sunday 8

– The rescue

Paramount +

friday the 6th

– Blaze and the Monster Machines

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