TJ-SP takes office in person of judges appointed in Covid

The São Paulo Court of Justice promoted this Thursday (5/5), at the Palácio da Justiça, the solemn ceremony of inauguration of 28 judges appointed between June 2020 and April 2022. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, they had been sworn in virtually.

28 judges were sworn in
in person at the São Paulo court


With the relaxation of measures to combat the coronavirus, the court promoted an event to mark the inauguration of the new judges. They received the necklace of merit from the hands of the current president of the TJ-SP, judge Ricardo Anafe, and the president in the 2020-2021 biennium, judge Geraldo Pinheiro Franco.

“We were able to swear in a very large number of judges appointed during the pandemic. The participation of judge Geraldo Pinheiro Franco, who was the president in the last biennium, was of paramount importance for the court and those sworn in”, said President Ricardo Anafe to ConJur.

He also spoke of the challenges that will be faced by the new judges of the court: “The challenge is to provide the best jurisdiction to the people of São Paulo every day. The judge performs a duty of the State. His decision is a decision of the State. be well given to pacify conflicts”.

Judge Rosângela Maria Telles, promoted in June 2020, spoke on behalf of the inductees and highlighted the difficulties faced by magistrates, lawyers and prosecutors to reach the position of judge.

“We arrived by different paths: some by the fifth constitutional, others by the career. Now, we are all judges united by the same ideals: to continue to do justice and serve the jurisdiction. merit, taking office as judges”, she said.

In addition to the judge and president Anafe, the president of the OAB-SP, Patrícia Vanzolini, the attorney general of São Paulo, Mário Sarrubbo, and the judge Flora Maria Nesi Tossi Silva, speaker on behalf of the court, also spoke at the event.

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