Uber disappoints drivers, says it won’t increase incentives

Although Uber predicts a good quarter for this early 2022, the company has already announced that it will not increase incentives to attract more drivers to the app. The announcement was made last Wednesday (4), after the company’s rival, Lyft, in the United States, said it needed to spend more on labor in the coming months.

With the announcement, Lyft shares fell 26%, and even took Uber’s shares down. However, the company’s shares have already returned to stability. So, to find out more, check it out below.

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Uber disappoints drivers, says it won’t increase incentives

Thus, with the results announced, Uber shows a considerable drop in the number of active users per month in this first quarter of 2022. In all, the period had a total of 115 million active users, 3 million less than recorded in the previous quarter.

According to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, however, the driver base remains high after the pandemic. And it is also more engaged than competing companies. “Importantly, we expect this trend to continue without significant incremental investment in incentives,” he said in an article published by Reuters.

Finally, one of the company’s expectations is to achieve more diversification in the global market. In the first quarter, for example, Uber’s profits, after taxes and the like, stood at $168 million. That is, US$ 6 million more than the previous expectation. For the next quarter, this amount should be between US$ 140 million and US$ 270 million.

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