Under-17 defeats Internacional to reach the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil – Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama

By: Matheus Babo, São Januário

Vasco beat Internacional 4-0, this Thursday (5/5), in São Januário, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The Vasco goals were scored by Rayan (2), Paulinho and GB.

The next match of Meninos da Colina will be on Saturday (7/5), at 11 am, against Madureira, in Conselheiro Galvão, for Copa Rio. The return duel against Internacional will be on Monday (9/5), in the opponent’s CT.

Photo: Matheus Lima/Vasco


Vasco’s first good arrival was at 2, Estrella took it by force and played for GB who hit on the first try. The ball exploded in defense and returned to Rayan, who tried to hit it from outside, winning the corner. In the sequence, JP took the leftover and also tried it from outside, sending it out. At 5, GB tried to place it from the edge of the area and stopped in good defense of the goalkeeper. At 9, Matheus stole in the middle, dribbled the marker and touched Rayan in the area. The shirt turned and hit the corner beautifully to open the score: VASCO 1 to 0. At 16, Rayan made a nice move through the middle and tried to pass in depth to GB, but the defense blocked it. In the spare, Estrella was fouled and he himself took it, stopping in good defense of the goalkeeper.

At 21, Rayan advanced to the right and crossed back. André tried the first kick, but hit chewed. At 24, Leandrinho made a great move down the left and hit Estrella who crossed low. The ball was left for GB, who hit it and the defender cleared it. Rayan still tried, but the ball exploded on the defender. The pressure continued and André had a good chance in the 27th minute, but the finish hit the defense and went out on a corner. At 34, Estrella received it in speed, invaded the area and hit hard, but the goalkeeper sent it to a corner. At 44, the pressure paid off. Nice plot of the team on the left and Rayan received a free kick in the area, only taking it from the goalkeeper: VASCO 2 to 0.

Photo: Matheus Lima/Vasco

Vasco’s first good arrival in the second stage was at 4 minutes. GB and André tried in the area, but the defense closed well in the marking. At 9, JP received from André at the entrance of the area and hit over the goal. At 10, Paulinho stole on the right and tried to cross, but the defense pushed it away. A minute later, Rayan won on high and GB tried at first, but stopped in the goalkeeper’s defense. At 12, the opponent arrived with danger, but Lecce made a great save. After the corner, Lecce quickly called Paulinho who touched Rayan. Shirt 7 crossed for Paulinho himself to complete: VASCO 3 to 0.

A minute later, GB received it in the area and hit it crossed to extend: VASCO 4 to 0. At 21, GB left Leandrinho in good hands, shirt 6 risked, but the defense pushed away.

Photo: Matheus Lima/Vasco

Vasco lineup: Lecce, Paulinho (Juan), Luiz Felipe, Lyncon and Leandrinho (Pablo); Matheus (Kevyn Taylon), JP (Gabriel Sá) and Estrella; André (Kauan Kelvin), Rayan and GB (Gustavinho) – Technician: Gustavo Almeida

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