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Rumors have included Verdão as one of those interested in the attacking midfielder, who is considering leaving Russia and returning to Brazil.

(Photo by Mike Kireev/NurPhoto via Getty Images) - Claudinho should leave Zenit.
(Photo by Mike Kireev/NurPhoto via Getty Images) – Claudinho should leave Zenit.

THE palm trees remains 100% focused on the competition of this season, precisely because of the fact that it has been achieving good results, all that remains is to give a “up” in the Brazilian Championship. In Libertadores, for example, he continues with maximum use and scored an incredible 20 goals in just 4 games, being able to guarantee an advantage in the knockout stage.

Off the field, the leaders have not given up on signings, so much so that they can make investments in the middle of this year, when the window in Europe opens. However, there is a lot of caution, precisely so as not to make mistakes and end up taking millionaire losses, that is, the intention is to make a clean shotespecially on the arrival of a striker, requested by Abel.

However, other positions may also receive news, if approved by the board and technical committee. Recently, journalist Jorge Nicola included Verdão in the list of 4 Brazilian clubs that would be interested and monitoring a possible onslaught by Claudinhoshirt number 11 for Zenit, who had recent success playing for Red Bull Bragantino.

To learn more about this possibility, the portal “Palmeiras Online” talked to two people inside the club, who immediately denied any chance of bringing him to Palestra Itália. According to the source, the intention of this moment is just to focus on the championships and analyze the arrival of a number 9, nothing more.

Another point that was considered is the salary issue, since Leila Pereira is very careful when it comes to expenses. In Russia, Brazilians earn around 2.7 million euros per season, that is, converted into reais and divided by month, the athlete’s salary is close to R$ 1.2 million per month, an amount considered high.

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