What’s Coming to Netflix in May 2022

The month of May hasn’t even arrived, but the news from Dona Netflix is ​​already here. Enjoy and put it on the agenda!

On the 1st, it arrives on Netflix, Blade Runner 2049. The journey of Deckard (Harrisson Ford), the Blade Runner (android hunter), introduces us, in 2019, to the dystopian future of a devastated, decaying Los Angeles, a majestically created world, which has as one of its greatest merits achieving to involve in a universe of expanded concepts that, approaching the possibilities of this future of a humanity in ruins, brings light, in the trajectory of its characters, to the existential questions that have always accompanied humanity.

The world created by Ridley Scott has certainly changed science fiction cinema, the issues addressed by the film have been debated and generated controversy over these 35 years. But Dennis Villeneuve has a very peculiar way of seeing these possibilities for the future and (re)creates in Blade Runner 2049 the concept envisioned 35 years earlier by Ridley Scott. Check the review on the website!

On the 1st the platform also arrives, Many Men in One, with Vladimir Brichta. Based on true events, the feature tells the story of Dr. Antônio who gains notoriety in the newspapers because of his infallible thefts. He is a crook (Vladimir Brichta) who steals from the aristocrats of Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the 20th century and falls in love with a privileged woman (Alice Braga) who is trapped in an unhappy union.

the documentary divine Divas arrives on the 9th. Teatro Rival is a great character in this narrative, having marked and crossed so many lives and been the scene of so many meetings. Home to the Leals, who dedicated a large part of their existence to art, the theater was, and still is, an enormous stronghold of the memory of a time.

In Divine Divas, Leandra Leal walks through her childhood lived behind the scenes of the theater and its surroundings where her life crosses that of so many artists who passed through there, among which the protagonists of the show Divine Divas.

Eight iconic stars of Teatro Rival, home to Brazil’s first generation of transvestite artists, share stories of 1960s expression and revolution.

the widows It has a plot and is adapted from the eponymous book by Lynda La Plante, released in 1983. With a cast headed by Viola Davis, the film arrives on May 12th. Four widows decide to commit a robbery to pay off the astronomical debt left by their criminal husbands.

In addition to Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Colin Farrell complete the cast. Check review!

the real drama, Kidnapping in Cleveland premieres on the 15th. Young Michelle Knight is kidnapped and held captive for 11 years, finding the courage to survive in the midst of terrible adversity.

national production The Two Irenes arrives on the 16th. The film brings a geographic and human cut full of real conflicts. The Two Irenes It is certainly a beautiful story that has to be not only seen, but appreciated!

A shy young woman discovers a shocking secret: her father has a second family and an outgoing daughter who is his namesake. Check review!

Finally, it arrives at Netflix, the biography of singer Elis Regina arrives on the platform on the 25th
This musical biography follows the ups and downs of the career and life of singer Elis Regina (Andréia Horta), who rose to fame in the bossa nova era.

Winner of three Kikitos at the 44th Gramado Festival – best film by the popular jury, best actress for Andréia Horta and best editing for Tiago Feliciano -, the feature brings some of the most relevant passages in the gaúcha’s career and personal life, such as her arrival in Rio de Janeiro. January on the day of the 1964 coup; her first contact with the good square Luiz Carlos Miéle and the charming Ronaldo Bôscoli, her first husband; the rapid success and musical maturation; the terror imposed by the military; the loving and artistic partnership with the pianist César Camargo Mariano, which resulted in historic shows such as “Falso Brilhante”; motherhood and the end of life.

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