who will pay the Income Tax in direct debit has until the 10th to send

Those who have tax to pay must deliver by Tuesday (10) the income tax declaration 2022 to pay the first installment or single quota by automatic debit at the bank.

At first, the deadline was until April 10th, but it was also changed along with the extension of the declaration delivery period, which was from April 29th to May 31th.

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Is it possible to pay the Income Tax contribution in installments? When is the deadline?

Deadline for submitting the income tax return ends this month

If the taxpayer makes the Income Tax return after May 10, payment must be made through the Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF). According to the Federal Revenue, whoever declares after the deadline, can put the quotas in automatic debit only from the second installment.

Those who do not opt ​​for automatic debit may issue the DARF through the program or through the Declaration Extract, available through the Virtual Service Center (e-CAC), on the Federal Revenue website.

In 2022, with the increase in the adhesion of payments via Pix by Brazilians, it will be possible to pay the DARF through this modality.

Due dates of the installments

Income Tax can be paid in up to 8 installments, as long as the value of each installment is not less than BRL 50.00, and the installments have the following due dates:

  • 1st installment: May 31;
  • 2nd installment: June 30;
  • 3rd installment: July 29;
  • 4th installment: August 31;
  • 5th installment: September 30;
  • 6th installment: October 31;
  • 7th installment: November 30;
  • 8th installment: December 29.


When the Income Tax is paid in installments, interest is levied, and in the second installment an interest of 1% is charged on the value of the first. And, from the third installment onwards, 1% interest is charged plus the monthly variation of the accumulated Selic rate, from May until the month before the due date of the quota for the month in question.

In addition, if the taxpayer pays the tax late, a fine of 0.33% per day will be levied on the amount of the tax, with a limit of 20% on the amount of the installment.

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