Why one of the main responsible for the sale of WhatsApp to Facebook says he regrets the deal

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WhatsApp is Facebook’s second largest platform.

Indian Neeraj Arora helped broker the sale of WhatsApp to Facebook for about $22 billion in 2014. Eight years later, however, WhatsApp’s former commercial director says he regrets having contributed to the deal.

“Nobody knew at first that Facebook would turn into a Frankenstein’s monster devouring user data,” Arora wrote in a series of posts on his Twitter account on May 4.

“Today, WhatsApp is Facebook’s second largest platform (even bigger than Instagram or FB Messenger). But it’s a shadow of the product we put our hearts on and wanted to build for the world,” said Arora.

WhatsApp was founded by Ukrainian-American Jan Koum and American Brian Acton in 2009, as an application that allowed users to communicate internationally, paying a dollar to download it, Arora recalled.

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