4 application options in which you can consult CPF for free

There are several application options that allow you to consult CPF for free. In addition to the information related to the regularization of the Individual Taxpayer Registration number, you can consult debts, processes in progress, as well as check your credit score for SPC and Serasa, for example.

In short, the platforms are generally safe, with integration with the IRS, or other financial institutions. In addition, they allow you to create a quick registration to check the status of your CPF. Therefore, see below 4 application options available.

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4 application options in which you can consult CPF for free

The official application of Serasa allows you to consult CPF for free, as well as your credit score. In addition, the platform provides complete information involving your CPF. Such as possible open debts, protests and lawsuits.

Another place where you can consult CPF for free is CPF Digital. The app requires an initial registration with a profile picture and access PIN. It is necessary to enter the CPF to find and find out if you are in good standing. In addition, if you have a National Driver’s License (CNH) registered with biometrics, you can find the digital version in the app.

The application makes it possible to see your score and consult CPF for free. In general, as the SPC database is different from Serasa, it is normal to have differences from one app to another. In addition, the platform offers resources to renegotiate debts and consult debts or other lawsuits related to the CPF. However, in this case it is necessary to hire the service through the app for R$ 16.90.

In short, the Federal Revenue has an app that centralizes different demands from taxpayers. This includes queries about the CPF, the scheduling services and monitoring other pending issues related to the Income Tax declaration.

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