Anvisa will review health standards against Covid at airports and planes

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) said this Friday (5/6) that it will review health standards at airports and planes in the country. The proposal will be discussed by the agency’s technicians next Thursday (12/5).

According to Anvisa, “numerous aspects” of the current standards are being reviewed, based on monitoring the evolution of Covid. Earlier, the column showed that the agency’s advisers were considering authorizing the return of in-flight service on planes.

Currently, the only in-flight service allowed on domestic flights is the delivery of mineral water in individual packages to passengers who request it. Only children, the elderly and travelers on a special diet for health reasons are allowed to eat while traveling.

Last week, Deputy Sóstenes Cavalcante, from the PL of Rio de Janeiro, formally asked Anvisa to authorize the resumption of in-flight service.


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