Atlético cheers for Minas in the Men’s Volleyball Superliga final against Cruzeiro: ‘Mass goes together’ – Rádio Itatiaia

Eliezer Sports/MTC
Photo: Eliezer Sports/MTC

The rivalry between Atlético and Cruzeiro in football was transferred to the courts. This Friday, Atlético joined Fiat/Gerdau/Minas in the final of the Men’s Volleyball Superliga against Sada/Cruzeiro. The teams will face each other next Sunday (8), at 10 am, at the Sabiazinho gymnasium, in Uberlândia, for the third and decisive match that will appoint the champion.

In interaction between Atlético and Minas on social networks, Galo responded to the message from the club on Rua da Bahia, which made a photo gallery with players from the team and the following text: “Concentration for the Superliga final. It’s just one way to Fiat/Gerdau/Minas. All together in this one?”, asked the profile of the mining team.

Atlético responded with the phrase: “Mass will go along with Fiat/Gerdau/Minas in this final! #VaiMinas!”.

Owner of the best campaign in the classification phase, Minas reached the final of the Men’s Volleyball Superliga and lost the first game to Cruzeiro by 3 sets to 2, in Betim. In the second duel, in Uberlândia, the Minastenista team equaled the best-of-three series by winning by the same score.

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