Before taking on Botafogo, Flamengo has an inconstant defense and hectic backstage after Jesus; THROW! analyze

Good results, performances not so much. This sentence sums up the Flamengo by Paulo Souza. The Rubro-Negro, next rival of the Botafogo, lives hectic days on and off the field. The teams face each other at 11 am this Sunday, in Brasília, for the 5th round of the Brasileirão.

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Flamengo’s backstage has been hectic in recent days after a statement from Jorge Jesus, the team’s coach in 2019 and 2020, stating that he has given a deadline to return to the club. On the field, the performance with Paulo Sousa is also not great. Who counts is Lazlo Dalfovo, Flamengo’s sectorist in THROW!.

– Flamengo arrives for the derby after positive results due to the circumstances, but poor performance. In addition, the bombastic statements of Jorge Jesus, about the desire to return and trumpets to Paulo Sousa’s team, accentuated the spotlight on the current coach, who is pressured precisely for not seeing the team gear up under his command. After the last game, the tie with Talleres, Mister said that he has lacked competitiveness and recognized the low intensity of the team, hampered by several injury problems. There is external and internal pressure, and the tide is not the best – said the journalist.


Defense is Flamengo’s headache. The team has conceded at least one goal in eight of the last ten games. Coach Paulo Sousa still hasn’t found the ideal formation and makes constant changes in the sector – which again must undergo a change.

– Flamengo’s defense is far from giving confidence. Pablo should be absent, and there is the possibility that Paulo Sousa will return to the field of Willian Arão, who scored an own goal in the last game and did not do well in the sector. Without being able to repeat a formation in the defensive system, an unstable Fla took a goal in the last four games, being the right side, with Isla badly in the recomposition, the most vulnerable – analyzed.

The individual part, especially with regard to the offensive sector, is what keeps the Portuguese with morals. Flamengo’s attack is to be praised. If the defense is bad, the final third leaves no sighs: there are 48 goals scored in 25 games in 2022.

– In terms of strengths, the chemistry of the quartet formed by Everton Ribeiro, Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique and Gabigol remains Fla’s main weapon, especially now that the creative midfielders have been working side by side and dividing the attention of the scorers. The decision-making power of Bruno Henrique, Arrascaeta and Gabi, mainly, can make a difference at any time – and regardless of the team’s performance, which aims to propose a game, but cannot always be impetuous with Mister. Pedro also deserves extra care, but the striker can miss the team due to muscle pain – he added.


The main weapons of Rubro-Negro are expensive already known by Botafogo, mainly with regard to performance in classics.

– Gabigol, with 14 goals in the season, is the one who should cause most fear to rivals. Known as King of the Classics and recovering in the best form, Bruno Henrique is another one who has the strength to enter the game as a protagonist and live up to his status. The imposing tackles of João Gomes also deserve extra attention from the white-and-white midfield, since Fla has often reached the opponent’s goal after well-aimed shots from the jewel – he said.

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