Bella Hadid is Swarovski’s new crystal

A multifaceted portrait of Bella Hadid, Swarovski’s new campaign reflects the many sides of crystal through the image of a new generation icon.

Designed by creative director Giovanna Engelbert and photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the portraits showcase the transformative and versatile nature of Swarovski crystals through diverse expressions of style.

It is the contemporary spirit embodied by Bella Hadid – the new face of the Swarovski campaign – whose transformative look serves as the campaign’s muse, embodying the multidimensional mode of a new fashion mindset: a free and fluid approach to dressing that defies the codes of tradition. .

“I was already very familiar with Swarovski. It really is a timeless and iconic brand. I love the new collections and what the brand has been doing, especially over the last two years under Giovanna’s creative vision, and I really see Swarovski as the contemporary jewelry brand of the future. Jewelry is about expression and celebration of individuality and Swarovski celebrates all people and the idea of ​​modern glamour, and I love that,” says Bella Hadid.

Each color theme chosen for the portraits of Bella captured for the campaign is drawn from the inner tones of the crystal and reflects a different aspect of the model’s personality and look. In turn, the images celebrate the facets of the Swarovski crystal, the brand’s color codes and the collections.

In Brazil, it is possible to find the collection in the brand’s stores at Iguatemi, JK and Pátio Higienópolis malls.

Bella Hadid

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