Canceled gas voucher? Find out what happened to the benefit this month

the payment of gas ticket (also called Gas Allowance) will not happen this month. With the news, many Brazilians are in doubt if the benefit has been canceled and if it will return with new rounds.

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In parts, the benefit was indeed temporarily suspended in May, but there is a reason for this. according to gas voucher rulesprogram payments occur bimonthly, that is, every two months.

Considering that the last transfers took place in April, a new wave of transfers of the benefit will only be available in the middle of June. This year, Auxílio Gás will have payments in even months, along with the dates of the installments of Auxílio Brasil.

What is the benefit amount?

THE gas voucher value corresponds to 50% of the average price of the 13 kg cylinder sold in the country. In April, aid amounted to R$ 51. R$ 275 million was allocated to 5.39 million families.

The measure establishing the payment of the benefit was sanctioned by the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in November 2021. Its objective is to contribute financially to the income of low-income families and help them purchase the cooking gas.

But, after all, when does the gas voucher return?

As mentioned above, the gas voucher has not been canceled. The program only follows payment periods established by the government. Your return will take place in June, with deposits on the respective dates:

final NIS Date
1 June 17th
two June 20
3 June 21
4 June 22
5 June 23
6 June 24
7 June 27
8 June 28
9 June 29
0 June 30

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