Ciro Gomes responds to Bolsonaro’s criticism of Petrobras

The pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Ciro Gomes (PDT) published a video in response to President Jair Bolsonaro’s criticism of Petrobras’ R$44.5 billion profit, announced on Thursday (5). In a live broadcast that night, Bolsonaro said the company’s profit was “rape”. For Ciro, President Bolsonaro would be the “main rapist” for not changing the state-owned company’s pricing policy.

Petrobras’ largest shareholder is the Union, which, with the profit, will receive R$ 14 billion from the company.

In the live, the president asked the company not to raise fuel prices again, claiming that “it could break Brazil.”

“Is it over there [a empresa] must have a social function. Petrobras, we are at war. Petrobras, do not raise the price of fuel any more. Your profit is rape, it’s absurd “, declared Jair Bolsonaro.

In video posted on twitterCiro claims that Bolsonaro is lying when he says that the government cannot lower fuel prices and cites the same allusion to the crime of sexual violation of another person’s body.

“The main rapist in this story is him [Bolsonaro] because he rapes the people with high prices and rapes the truth, saying that he is not to blame for this heinous crime”, says the pedestrian.

Petrobras’ pricing policy, which since the Michel Temer government (MDB) has been pegged to the dollar, was also criticized by Ciro Gomes.

“At any time, a president has the power to change Petrobras’ pricing policy. A president who is lax, sold and, above all, who doesn’t know how to do that, just doesn’t do that.” [o preço de paridade internacional]”, he stated.

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