Conservative Congressman Madison Cawthorn, US, appears naked with man in video: ‘we were joking’ – World

the american congressman Madison Cawthorn26, who had a leaked video in which he appears naked in a bed with another man, called the scene a “Just kidding” made with a “friend”.

Cawthorn is a Republican congressman known in the United States for championing conservative and anti-LGBTQIA+ agendas. Raised in a Baptist community in North Carolina, the politician made a career out of traditional Christian agendas and reinforcing masculinity.

The video, released by American Muckrakers PACwhich runs a website called, has had repercussions among politicians. The deputy defended himself and denied that the scene was a sexual act.

“Years ago in this video, I was being rude to a friend, trying to be funny. We were acting silly and joking. That’s it.”

The Republican also said that he is being the target of blackmail and a smear campaign for the proximity of the primary elections, scheduled for May 17.

“I will not back down. Blackmail will not win,” assured the youngest US congressman, who will run for re-election in the Republican Party.

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