Conservative deputy appears naked on video and is accused of affair with aide

posted on 06/05/2022 20:23 / updated 06/05/2022 20:54

Representative Madison Cawthorn, left, is accused of having a personal relationship with his aide Stephen, which is prohibited in the US House – (Credit: NBC/Reproduction)

Against LGBTQIA+ agendas, anti-vaccination and opponent of the legalization of abortion, Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn, from North Carolina (USA), strictly followed the “table” of American conservative politicians until last Wednesday (4/5) . A video leaked on social media shows Madison naked, in a bed, with a stranger, while simulating sexual movements next to the man’s face.

The record caused a real scandal, as the scene opposes one of the flags raised by him: that of the existence of an affective relationship only between cisgender men and women. On social media, the deputy confirmed the veracity of the video, which he claims to be from “years ago”. However, Madison claims he was just “being rude to a friend, trying to be funny.”

“We were acting like fools and joking around. That’s it,” said the MP. He further stated that the leak is part of an opposition against him to make him “back off”. “I will not back down. I said there would be a leak campaign. Blackmail won’t win, but we will,” he wrote on social media.

Relationship with the advisor and public money spent on travel

However, the video was just an offshoot of a more serious charge, not just against his sexuality, but against the integrity of Madison’s tenure. A week ago, on April 30, the political group American Muckrakers PAC called for an investigation of Madison by the Congressional Ethics Office.

The accusation is that the congressman spent more than US$ 250,000 in public money on housing and free travel for his aide, Stephen Smith – who also lives with him. Having a personal relationship with a member of the Cabinet is prohibited by the laws of the US Congress.

According to the senior executive of NBCUniversal Mike Sington, who had access to the complaint made by the group, the congressman used an application to share accounts and debts with the aide, called Venmo. In it, users register what is owed or just transfer amounts, with the addition of registering the reason for the payment.

In images obtained by PAC, Madison had “suggestive messages” in payments: “getting naked for me in Sweden”, “the quickie at the airport”, “the thing we did in Amsterdam” were some messages in June 2018. Around the same time , there is a record of Stephen’s payment to Madison, with the message “for loving me day and night”.

The group also shared, in the document, photos in which the two appear intimate and even a video in which Stephen runs his hand over Madison’s crotch.

Madison has been through a series of scandals in parliament. In April, he was notified of carrying a loaded gun at the North Carolina airport. The same occurred in February 2021. In March of this year, the congressman caused controversy by stating, in a podcast, that he was invited by Washington politicians to participate in orgies and that they used cocaine in front of him — he did not make it clear if it was. on the same occasion.

He has also been arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license and has been the subject of several allegations given by women to the CNNabout sexual misconduct against them during college.

The behavior caused discomfort in the Republican party, which even showed a lack of support for re-election – the campaign is underway and the primaries will take place on May 17. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even said on April 30 that it was up to the party to punish Madison.

“We have a responsibility to have an ethical standard here. They have to take care of their own house. Otherwise, there will be ethical complaints. But I will not spend my time with them at this meeting,” he told reporters at the time.

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