Covid-19: Brazil has 14,622 cases and 35 deaths in 24 hours

Brazil recorded, according to the epidemiological bulletin released this Saturday (7) by the Ministry of Health, 14,622 cases and 35 deaths in 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 30,558,530 cases and 664,126 deaths have been recorded.

There are 227,240 cases under follow-up and 29,617,164 people have recovered from the disease, which represents 96.9% of those infected by covid-19.

This Saturday’s bulletin did not bring updated data from the Federal District, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima and Tocantins. Mato Grosso do Sul did not update the number of deaths.


São Paulo is the unit of the Federation with the highest number of cases (5,5422,332) and deaths (168,339). In number of cases, the Southeast state is followed by Minas Gerais (3,361,406) and Paraná (2,470,510). The lowest numbers of cases were recorded in Acre (125,969), Roraima (155,525) and Amapá (160,400).

Rio de Janeiro (73,543) and Minas Gerais (61,377) are the states that have the second and third highest number of deaths from covid-19. The lowest numbers are in Acre (2,002), Amapá (2,132) and Roraima (2,151).

Covid-19 epidemiological bulletin – 05/07/2022/Disclosure/ Ministry of Health


According to the Ministry of Health, 418.8 million doses of vaccine against covid-19 were applied in Brazil, of which 175.16 million were the first dose, 155.72 million were the second dose and 4.84 million were a single dose.

The booster shot totals 77.57 million and the second booster shot 2.14 million. The additional dose was given to 3.37 million people.

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