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Some people love to exercise. But there are also those who hate it. Have you ever imagined getting paid to perform physical exercises? It would be quite a motivation to take care of health and also the “pocket, no?

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Sweatcoin is an app that promises to pay you to walk or run. The platform is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The app works in conjunction with Google Fit, Apple’s Health, and other similar fitness systems and pays by steps.

The app uses the step count of these platforms to reward users with Sweatcoins, the app’s own virtual currency. With the “payment”, it is possible to exchange for items from stores or even make charitable donations to registered institutions and much more. The app has become fashionable among internet users in recent days.

What is Sweatcoin and how does it work?

Sweatcoin’s main proposal is to encourage physical activity. To do this, it “pays” users with Sweatcoins, the app’s digital currency, to walk. But the verb “pay” is not in quotes here by chance. The virtual currency cannot be withdrawn in cash, as with other platforms such as Kwai.

In the case of Sweatcoin, the balance can only be converted into purchases within the fitness app itself. The available items — few, in the Brazilian store — cost several Sweatcoins. A personalized bracelet, for example, was on sale for 35 coins. Every 1,000 steps are worth one Sweatcoin, that is: you have to take 35,000 steps to buy the product, in addition to paying the shipping to Brazil separately (£6.95, about R$43 in direct conversion).

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The possibility of turning Sweatcoins into real money should happen in the future, when the platform launches the cryptocurrency “Sweat”. However, it is not yet known what its value will be, let alone how the currency will perform in terms of appreciation.

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