Du Queiroz talks about his father’s charge for a goal by Corinthians: “He annoys me” | Corinthians

Du Queiroz, Corinthians midfielder, gave a press conference this Friday, two days before the game against Bragantino, for the Brazilian Championship, this Sunday. The 22-year-old revealed a charge from his father to score a goal.

– My father is annoyed (laughs). I charge myself too, it’s important for the midfielder to reach the area to score a goal. It hasn’t come out, but I believe that God is saving the right moment for the goal – he said.

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There are 37 games with the Timão shirt since he became professional, but no goals scored. With characteristics of greater restraint, Du Queiroz has been improving his ball output and offensive performance with Vítor Pereira.

Du Queiroz, Corinthians midfielder, in a press conference at CT Dr. Joaquim Grava — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

– We started talking when he arrived (Vítor Pereira). He asked me if I was open to learning, and I said yes. I’m evolving technically. He really cares about leaving the game. It’s been very important – said the steering wheel.

Du Queiroz is one of the players with the most minutes on the field under Vítor Pereira. In 14 games, the midfielder spent 1,021 minutes on the field. He lags behind players like João Victor (1,090 minutes in 13 games), as it is harder for a defender to be substituted.

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– Since I arrived at professional I have evolved a lot, it has been very important for us. I believe there is much more to evolve, both technical and tactical. I know there’s a lot of good things to come,” he added.

Du Queiroz participates in defensive work at Corinthians — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

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minutes in the field
– I’m very happy, trying to grab the best possible opportunities. Maycon is an excellent player, I hope to continue this partnership. I am happy with the minutes that the teacher has been giving me, I hope to make the most of it.

Competition division and rotation
“We don’t have that much on our minds. We know that every championship is important, it’s impossible to play every game. Wherever the teacher puts it, we have to be prepared to play a good game and come out with the win.

Are Vítor’s workouts very different?
– I think it’s a little more intense. But it’s not that different. He comes with the proposal to score high, to apply pressure, and we need to do it in training. What makes the difference is this.

What does the team need to do to be more effective on offense?
– We need to focus more on finishing. We’re coming, creating opportunities, but we’re not doing it. It’s a little more whimsy.

Is the crowd pressure with the base higher?
I’ve been with the club for ten years. I believe the pressure is natural for the club. We need to learn and grow. In a club like Corinthians, pressure is natural, we need to grow and learn from it, trying to do our best.

Defensive sector moment
– Marking starts at the front. This pressure has helped a lot, which we started with the defender. It is the result of a work that has been done by Vítor. I think the trend is just to continue that.

Has off-field fame increased?
– It increased, right? I’m happy (laughs). In the beginning this is always delicious. Like it or not, this has always been my dream, and being at Corinthians is impossible not to be identified on the street. Harassment is big (laughs).

Maycon’s arrival
– It was important. We have similar game features. One added the other, one helps the other, I think that’s what’s giving us a good sequel.

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