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Hamilton clashes with the FIA ​​over the use of jewelry amid the Miami GP (Photo: CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP)

Valtteri Bottas spun and crashed in FP1 in Miami (Photo: F1 TV)

After Lewis Hamilton challenged the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de Automobilismo) after the entity tightened its rules on the use of jewelry in races, the regulatory body gave a deadline of two races – in Monaco, therefore – for the seven-time world champion to remove body items. difficult to remove.

“In the car, I only wear the earrings and the nose ring, which you can’t even remove, so it seems unnecessary for us to get into this fight,” Hamilton said at a press conference on Friday.

+ Hamilton asks FIA for “silly” rule on wearing jewelry: “If they stop me, we have reservations”

After FIA tightened guidelines, Hamilton appeared at the press conference with three watches, eight rings, four chains and two pairs of earrings (Photo: CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP)

The Mercedes driver met with the FIA ​​medical staff after speaking to the press. According to motorsportthe regulatory body defended itself and justified that the new guidelines are not intended to contain personal expressions, but rather seek greater safety for pilots.

With that, Hamilton promised to remove all of his jewelry for the weekend in Miami. The more complex items to remove can be taken away until the Monaco GP, two races away.

The FIA ​​in Miami has introduced a section on mandatory technical verification forms – which teams must sign at the stage record. Such forms now have two extra passes, outlining the rules stipulated in the International Sporting Code. Teams must declare that their respective drivers do not wear jewelry and that their racing underwear also meets the entity’s safety standards – this last item has also sparked protest from Sebastian Vettel.

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Such aspects are now considered as part of the technical inspection of the cars. What does that mean then? It means that if the entity’s standards are not met, the team registration could be considered illegal. Normally this would result in a ban, but in this case it is more likely to result in a fine or grid penalty.

Prior to the start of the first free practice at the Miami street circuit, the entity’s technical delegate, Jo Bauer, issued an update confirming that Mercedes had “submitted a fully completed self-assessment sheet for the 2022 Miami GP” – indicating, therefore, that the German team and Lewis Hamilton are within the requirements for the dispute of the stage.

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