Find out what horror movies are coming out in the next few months

Summer is just around the corner in Hollywood, and that means a string of theatrical releases across the US and around the world. Over the next three months, horror fans will have several new movies to check out, which include the newest production of Jordan Peele and an adaptation of Stephen King.

While the sunny season is not synonymous with the genre, many classics were released in this period to worldwide acclaim, such as Shark and The nightmare time.

Check out the upcoming horror releases below:


A remake of the 1980s horror sci-fi classic starring then-child actress Drew Barrymore. firestarter is based on a novel by Stephen King and tells the story of Charlie, a girl who has the ability to control fire. With a secret government organization hot on their heels, Charlie and his father must flee.

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firestarter enters poster in may 12.


Starring the protagonist of current of evil, Maika Monroe, the film follows the life of Julia, who is sure that she is being watched by someone since she moved to Bucharest with her boyfriend. Unable to speak the local language, the woman feels isolated and terrified that her suspicions about her neighbor are correct.

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watcher enters poster in June 2.


The latest film from the famous producer A24who has made films like Hereditary, The Witch and midsommar. Rory Kinnear plays a series of men that the character of Jessie Buckley finds her on a trip she takes to overcome her husband’s grief.

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men enters poster in June 2.

Crimes of the Future

starring Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewartthe film follows a performance artist showing off his body modifications, the return of the master of body horror David Cronenberg to the big screen.

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Crimes of the Future enters poster in June 9.

The Black Phone

A tale adaptation of Joe Hillthe story tells about a boy who has been kidnapped by a serial killer and tries to escape, who starts receiving calls from the killer’s past victims through a turned off phone.

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The Black Phone enters poster in June 23.


The newest project of Jordan Peelewhich has already delivered Run! and We for horror fans, NO! DO NOT LOOK! There aren’t many details revealed yet, but rumors speculate that we may be dealing with aliens this time around.

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NO! DO NOT LOOK! enters poster in July 21.


In the Hereditary style of storytelling, hypochondriac follows a craftsman whose perfect life with his boyfriend collapses with a visit from his mother.

hypochondriac enters poster in July 28.

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