Ford Bronco Sport 2022: 4X4 even more powerful and adventurous

São José dos Campos-SP, May 7, 2022, by Marcos Eduardo Carvalho – Last week Ford announced the sale of the Bronco Sport 2022, a new imported SUV that arrives with an eye on the niche of the offroad and 4×4 world. It’s the Automotive look will talk a little about it.

First, as Ford closed its activities in Brazil at the beginning of 2021, the new vehicle is naturally important. In addition, its stipulated price is for a select audience: R$ 266,090, according to the company’s own estimate for the Wildtrak version, the brand’s top of the line.

Now, the Ecobost 2.0 engine has also been boosted with 13 more horsepower, making the vehicle even more resistant and faster. In this way, carrying out off-road adventures will gain an extra boost.

In this way, the car now has 253 hp of power, combined with a torque of 38.7 kgfm, ideal for carrying out the activities expected from the vehicle.

Bronco offroad performance

However, what really matters is the offroad performance of the new Ford car and that certainly doesn’t disappoint. After all, the vehicle has a generous eight-speed automatic transmission. In addition to the 4×4 traction and the locking rear differential, of course, essential for rough terrain.

Another key feature on the 2022 Bronco is the seven terrain management modes, according to data released by Ford. This will make it even easier to adapt to different types of roads, especially dirt roads.

But what stands out the most is the autopilot function for trails, another facilitator for drivers. In addition, it has 17-inch wheels and off-road tires, which further increases the grip and attraction of the powerful Bronco 2.0.

The new Ford car also has some tweaks like re-calibrating the engine and changing the valve timing of the fuel pump. So it looks like the Maverik pickup truck

New colors

Finally, the vehicle still has new standard colors. Now it has 11 colors in all. So, the new shades for the 2022 Bronco are four new shades: Aurora Red, Batu Brown, Dover Gray and Indianapolis Blue. In this way, the car gains even more attractiveness. Next, follow a video from the ‘Webmotors’ channel, with the first impressions about the Bronco Sport 2022.

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