Head of the Russian Orthodox Church may have 4 billion euros frozen by the EU – 05/05/2022

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church could have from 4 to 8 billion euros frozen by the European Union

Cyril I, called the Russian pope in the West, entered the European Union’s sixth economic package in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The sixth package was presented by Ursula von Leyen, President of the European Commission.

Such a package stalled by the intervention of Hungary. As in the package there is a proposal to stop the purchase of Russian oil, Hungary, which depends 100% on Russian oil imports, pulled the hand brake and had the support of the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

But the patriarch Cyril I (Kirill) entered the pack and alongside Russian oligarchs.

Cyril I, 76, is a staunch supporter of Putin. He approved of the invasion of Ukraine and denies inhumanities committed by Russian troops.

By Pope Francis, Patriarch Cyril was called “Putin’s altar boy”.

In particular, Pope Francis surprised and recalled some beques of Argentine football. Those, as they say in ludopedic jargon, that “beat above the medallion”.

Cyril has just replied to Pope Francis. He said the pope’s demonstration did nothing to help the search for peace.

In the “gossip” world, news spreads about Cirilo’s preferences for expensive branded watches and yachts. He has already claimed that Putin was a divine blessing for Russia,

Furthermore, it is said that Cyril met Putin when he was young and when they were in the KGB.

The website of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the one with the largest circulation and readers, with its body of Vatican journalists, follows the exchange of barbs between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, in office since February 2009. It is the 16th patriarch.

Furthermore, La Repubblica comments on the sixth package from the European Union commissioner and highlights the possible freezing of the patriarch’s bank account.

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