How to check the balance of benefits through the Citizen Card?

The citizen card is a resource responsible for simplifying Brazilians’ access to labor and social benefits, and can be used in all payment channels allowed by Caixa.

In this way, all people who are entitled to these advantages have access to the card. So, check out below how to check the benefit balance.

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How to check the balance of benefits through the Citizen Card?

In short, those who have labor or social benefits available for withdrawal and who do not have a Caixa account are entitled to the Citizen Card. Examples of these benefits are the FGTS, unemployment insurance, salary bonus and Auxílio Brasil.

Therefore, in order to have access to the Citizen Card, it is always necessary to have updated registration data.

And those who have an individual account, such as a checking or savings account at Caixa, receive the amount directly into their account, without needing to have a Citizen Card.

Through the card, the person can also check the balance in the account, either at a Caixa branch or via the internet.

To make the appointment through virtual service, it is necessary to follow a step by step. It is not even necessary to have the card in hand:

  1. Access the Caixa website, in the Citizen Card option;
  2. Then, if you already have a registration, just enter your data at login. If you do not have a registration, you must do the same;
  3. After that, read the terms of use, accept and confirm the sent email permission;
  4. After that, see the top tab, and choose one of the available options to consult the benefit.

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